Fat Samurott/pokemon pack : Echo pack Vol.1

this is peak minecraft… <3


so when I extracted the models from a zip of all of them, the models were in .zip format for some reason with the extension they’re supposed to have being just part of their name. Not sure what went wrong, but I think it’s downloading the entire drive folder that caused it…

The alternate version you posted, is it the one that was requested to start off slimmer? If so, perhaps there has been some mistake as I’ve used the directly linked file and found that it behaves exactly like the default one so far. I tried draining hunger in game and noticed no slimming beyond the default fat model.

Sorry for the delay I hope you have solved it but if not

The files should have a “.cpmproject.zip” style extension, just remove the “zip”

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Yes it is that version, and it works more than anything like a more exaggerated version of the JAB version, it only works with food from the mod

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Ooh, just checked a few of these out, looking quite impressive! I do wanna suggest a thing to cut down on cube counts if that’s okay!
Heck, you may already be aware of it with how adept you are with this!
Edit:I don’t post here often so I’m a tad oblivious to how notifs work.

Oh! Come on, how could I have less cubes?

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I was peering at the Absol’s tail and noticed a ton of cubes, was thinking you could try one cube with the Extrude Effect to simplify it to one cube stretching on the Z/blue axis! Could simplify other things too! might look weird but it’s a useful tool!
Hopefully I didn’t come off as annoying with my suggestion!

Well, I put a lot of cubes to create a depth effect, they are 2D textures and if I put them like this normal they will look kind of ugly

but hey, maybe with that method I can save like half the cubes, when I can I’ll try it, thank you very much!

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That’s fair! I wish ya best of luck with this method and yer own since yer models are very lovely~ I should find a Discord server or so to hang around in for this sort of stuff.

In fact, there is a server for these things, the link is on these sites, it is called “fat craft”, there you can find me in that server, I recommend you join because there are special editions exclusive to the server fufufu~