Fat Vacation 3D Visual Novel Game

Hello everyone, it’s ya girl Chloeeee!!

So I’ve been lurking on this page for a long time now, testing out every possible visual novel I could find and trying them out and this is what made me decide to start creating my own visual novel based. So the plot will be as following:

You’re playing as a girl who recently moved to her new college and you meet all these new wonderful friends. Well fast forward a bit and you won 2 tickets to an all inclusive hotel in the Bahamas. Now you have the choice of who you will bring on this trip - is it Ashley, the fit girl who will fatten you up during the course of this trip or is it your bestie Lisa, where the both of you get fat together and reach new goals.

That is the projected plot for now, additional characters and plots will be added later but I think this could be a fun little visual novel to play. In case anyone was wondering how I came up with this idea, it was actually pretty simple. So I really enjoyed playing a visual novel on here called chunky cheerleaders and I thought that that visual novel was literally so cool.

Anyways, I will be uploading some first pictures hopefully soon (if my DAZ decides to work).

Love y’all!


I’m already interested, excited to see what happens

solid pitch, interested to see more!

ngl, I’ve thought of ideas similar to this pitch, but seeing female-only using Daz3d is a personal turn-off, so I’ll pass on this project

but I do wish you best of luck in development!