Fat World

So this game isn’t mine but I found it whilst browsing google and it seems fairly interesting. Basically you create a character (either male or female) with your task being to try and live as long as possible, with the food you consume in the game effecting your characters health and weight. It is also possible to make other characters gain weight. (sort of similar to the sims)

Downside is that the game is very buggy and unfinished and seems to have been abandoned at launch.

If anyone would like to give it a go you can download it from here https://web.archive.org/web/20100727183143/http://www.fatworld.org/


Tried for a bit, shame its just meh in quality. I guess it just didn’t age well. Nevertheless thanks for sharing the game.


This game is vary dated but i see the potential in a remake

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Indeed. Quite a shame that it was left in the state that it’s in as it had so much potential.


i played it.
But what was so great about it?
And how would you like to see it come back?

I think he probably meant the systems at play like you being able to supposedly fatten up the town’s people. Though i’m uncertain since I didn’t play for that long.

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yup and the fact that you can see the effects of different diets on the player character