FATACLYSM - A Multiversal Weight Gain Roguelite [NEW UPDATE 6/9/24]

so they are stuck being weak the whole time then? half the time they dont even land a hit

I personally don’t know what you are talking about. The only times I can think of attacks not landing is when an enemy has dodge tokens or block tokens. Just gotta pay attention to those and pick up skills that help avoid those, like melt shot on Astrid and the operative’s mark with Estelle

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Will the cathedral get some upgrade in the future

Not really sure what you mean by this.

I mean will the cathedral has new function in the future

@Jupiter Great game, can’t wait to play more of it!

One question/suggestion I have is about the overall story. Will it be completely linear, or will we get to make some semi-permanent story choices? I think those could work well with the time manipulation theme, as you could just change your choices later. Perhaps some minor dialogue variations and an alternate ending or something along those lines.

Also, found a bug in the Gallery event in paid version: you can get an Excessive item, Essence, Divine pieces and Upgrage points, if you “escape the cell” in “Malfunction and Misfortune” (item reward always becomes Excessive).

That bug should be fixed in the current build, so thanks for reporting it. Regarding the progression of the story, that’s something where you’ll just have to wait and see.

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Nooo my favourite bug is gone :sob: :sob: :sob:


Still making my way through, but just made my way through my first run and absolutely LOVING IT so far. I can’t wait to see more enemies and what becomes of them! Even for a very long intro, there’s a TON of content and I look forward to exploring it more. Definitely keeping my eye on this one.

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Hope there will be more event that work like “Malfunction and Misfortune” that exchange one party member for more upgrade to the team

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Okay chief, this game is godlike.

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The FATACLYSM Discord has just launched!

There are also more details regarding the next update over on Patreon if you’re interested in checking that out as well.


Is the palace only going to be available only on Patrion, or do you plan on eventuarly adding it to be a part of the public version?

The Palace will eventually be coming to the public version, though that will likely only start happening once the third layer starts its release over on Patreon, which might be a while from now.

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Ok, thanks for the info.

Got round to trying this out and was so impressed with the free demo I had to become a supporter to see the rest of it! Super impressed by the balance of fetish content to actual gameplay, probably th best I’ve seen honestly. The rouge-like nature really lends itself well to the concept of “bad ends”.

Was also shocked by the quantity and quality of writing! I fully expected just a little flavor text but the writing added a ton to the scenes.

Very very excited to see you flesh this out with more areas, endings and maybe party members eventually!

Estelle mentioning that she could use her drones to move the girls when they get too big to do so themselves got me thinking that a later upgrade that could be fun to spend essence on might be upgrading the drones to enable them to move the immobile girls in front of attacks. Potentially the drones could be upgraded to carry higher weight limits, and as long as the girls dont exceed that even immobile girls could have use in combat to block an attack or two. Would also be a good excuse to add a 9th blob size


I’m glad you liked the game! All of these and more are coming in the future. Others have also asked about higher weight stages, and all I’ll say is that it’s not totally out of the question.

On another note, I also just wanted to say that FATACLYSM has received its first (and second (and third!!)) piece of fanart!
Please go give bunw and these pieces some support over on twitter, because their art is absolutely incredible!

They were also kind enough to provide all of the characters as emotes for the FATACLYSM Discord, so come and join if you want to see them in all their chibi glory.


Man, those are cute as HECK… I’d totally throw money at them for little goobers of my own characters.


Saves can be used between different versions right?

Yes, especially if you’re using the “Save to Disk” and “Load from Disk” functions at the bottom of the saves menu.