FATACLYSM - A Multiversal Weight Gain Roguelite [NEW UPDATE 6/9/24]

Just wondering if this is playable on I phone and if so how do I?

I don’t believe it is, unfortunately. I’m not 100% sure, but reports of success on mobile have only come from Android users.

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This looks like a pretty fun game to play on! I had a good time enjoying the public build so far.

Though given that the debuff token version of Strength exists, wouldn’t they both just cancel each other out instead of remaining on screen, like how Darkest Dungeon 2 handles it? (ex: Aria has 1 Strength Token. If she would get a Feeble token from an enemy, it instead negates her Strength token)

Well… I’d say something about the damage calculations, but the real reason is that I couldn’t be bothered to code something that constantly checks for that. It doesn’t really make a difference, so I didn’t want to implement a whole system for it.

How did you create those imige, I mean what models and lora did you used??

I used the bbw_Aurora Borealis model from this link: mariaWitch/ExperimentalBiggerMerges at main

There are several different LoRAs that I use, including custom made ones for some of the characters, but here’s one that I use fairly often: SyMix - Bigger Girls LyCORIS - SyModel v3.0 lyco (tags) | Stable Diffusion LyCORIS | Civitai

That one has pretty good tagging and helps for bigger sizes. It also includes data for imitating specific artists’ styles, but I personally find that kind of thing to be a bit morally dubious, so I try to avoid using that aspect of it.

I’ll be releasing a guide fairly soon where I go much more indepth about the methods I use, so be on the lookout for that if you’re interested.


The newest content update is here! This version contains changes for both the public and supporter builds of the game, so everyone has something new to mess around with. New builds can be found on both Itch and Patreon.

New content added to all versions

  • ​A new miniboss has been added to the Penitentiary, the Executioner. She appears in miniboss encounters while exploring, as well as in another certain scenario that I won’t spoil.

  • Many images have been updated, with changes primarily focusing on changing characters’ faces to be more consistent and higher quality. Some of these changes won’t be very noticeable, while others will be quite obvious.

  • Some dialogue for repeat encounters has been added to all events and endings that focus on interacting with characters**.**

​New content exclusive to Patreon supporters

  • A new elite enemy has been added to the Palace, the Diabolist.

  • A new Affliction that’s applied by Diabolist’s dastardly ritual, causing party members to gradually grow fatter based on how big they already are!

  • Even more updated images, including party members’ barely mobile and immobile stages, as well as many TF images found in endings and events.

  • Far more repeat dialogue throughout endings and events, especially in the Palace’s boss ending. All new and old repeat dialogues can also be reviewed in the Gallery.


  1. Go on your old version of the game and make your way to the Cathedral

  2. Open the Saves menu and click the “Save to Disk” option, and then save the file somewhere you’ll remember (like your Desktop)

  3. Launch the new build of FATACLYSM

  4. Open the Saves menu, click “Load from Disk”, and then double click your save file, wherever you put it.

  5. And everything should work! Let me know if you have any issues with this process.

And that’s about all that’s been added in version 0.1.1! Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions, or if you run into any bugs. Enjoy!


A couple things about the Executioner: her pictures doest appear in gallery

And her icon in fights too

And here is a error

Thanks for pointing those out. They should be fixed in the current build now.


Genuinely cannot stop thinking about the silly little characters in this game, I am not usually one for reading but I am invested enough in the universe now that I’m scrounging up bits of lore from any spoken dialogue or interaction just to satiate my need for MORE OF THIS GAME !!! Really well done, a nice mix of extremely well written text (more specifically well written lore, characters and the good stuff we all came here for too), visuals, gameplay and even some nice audio to put the cherry on top. Only negative I have is that I want more of it!!! Looking forward to updates, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

(also Kass needs more love plzplspl)
kass overdrive


Bug(?) report here. I just tried downloading the game on mobile, and when I played, all audio and the majority of images were missing. (the only images remaining were the main character’s portraits). when I looked into the files, the image and audio files were successfully downloaded, but misplaced. Even when I manually moved them to the correct location, it changed nothing, they still didn’t show up in game.
I did not have this issue when downloading on PC.


I told it to extract. I did what’s worked for me before. I’m not sure how to extract improperly

Well, I have tried everything I know how to do. I know I have tried to run a twine game on my phone before with zero luck, but supposedly others have gotten it to work

I’ve just posted both a poll and survey about what direction FATACLYSM should be taken in terms of future content development over on Patreon. If you’d like to participate, please consider subscribing!



I’ve got a few bugs:

It seems to have energised Estelle without me actually having energised her. Also, it didn’t cost any energy as well

The turn order images don’t seem to work on my version (which is free supporter)

I don’t know if this is by design or not, but if you upgrade energy before the Warden, it also fills up all of the energy. This does kinda make the Warden trivial if you upgrade Aria’s energy before it.

It’s her passive who permit that, if an ally use her “Operative’s Mark” debuff with specific skills, it activate Estelle passive who energyze her automatically for free


It’s probably some kind of extraction issue, or it might be a problem with your browser. Which platform/browser are you playing on?