Fatsona Breakout- A Weight Gain Game featuring Persona ladies! (Announcement)

Hey everybody! I’m new here, so apologies if this is formatted poorly. I’m metrack, you might know me from DeviantArt as NewMetrack. I post a bunch of fat art, but anyone who knows me knows that fat Persona content is kinda my brand. Anyways, I shared my announcement for this game on my socials, and I was told to make a post here. I’m super excited about this project, so I’ll get into the details now!

This has been cooking FOREVER! I’m so excited to announce that as of right now, I am starting development on a game, Fatsona Breakout . There’s been a ton of great fat fetish games pop up, but I really wanna take the time and make something really special with the characters from a series I love so much. Taking place in the Persona universe, I want this game to be the ultimate fanservice to people into seeing all the Persona chicks plumped up. Instead of just seeing a pic of Haru burst out of her leggings, why not directly watch that happen? If you’re not into Persona, I aim to still make a damn good fetish game to interest you.

How does it play?

I feel like the most important thing to preserve from the Persona series is the confidant events, as those are just blank canvases for all sorts of fetish shenanigans. The question then becomes “what gameplay loop should influence those events?”- and this is the question I’ve thought about for a long time. I’ve come up with a system of alternating “Breakout” events, in which you play Atari-Breakout like boards to proceed to the next social event. I’m sure you all know what basic Breakout gameplay is from the Google Easter egg. Incase you don’t, you use a platform to bounce a ball between blocks, trying to clear the board of them. I’ve got a few cool ideas and innovations to try and make it interesting all throughout the game, most importantly having some fat babe action in-between each board.

I have a really handy pic to illustrate the gameplay loop, but there’s some new user limit which doesn’t let me have too many pics. Basically, there will be 6 social events where you interact with each of the characters, and in-between those 6 events will be 5 Breakout levels to influence the weight gain in the following social event.

This adds up to a whole lot of fat chicks, and a whole lot of Breakout. I’m aiming to make the weight gain aspect more gradual, which I think will end up paying off a lot more than just a bunch of weight per event. I mentioned Personas and Items in the description above, which are just some of the things I plan on putting in the Breakout events to make them super engaging. I’m really looking to make the game fun , despite it just being a silly fetish game.

As for those characters:

14 PLANNED CHARACTERS! If you’re familiar with Persona 5, I’m sure you can already guess a few of the characters, but I hope to have a few surprises in there for everybody! With 6 social events and 5 Breakout events for every character, you’re already looking at over 150 unique events! To quote Thomas Jefferson: “That’s a whole lot of fat Persona chick action!” I may end up adding even more characters as development goes on, who knows.

Beyond the gameplay, I plan on having a whole lot of other nice stuff in there as well. Original characters, a storyline, sweet music, and a collectable Persona system are among some of the things I want to put into this game as well. I’m very passionate about this project, and I really plan on dedicating a lot of my time going forward into this.

How can I get involved?

Being the main thing I’ll be working on for the foreseeable future, you can expect public posts and teasers regularly. These will be posted on all my usual socials like DeviantArt, Twitter, and Discord, along with this very forum post as well! However, if you want an in-depth look into the WHOLE process of the making of this game, see things before I even TRY to put them into it, and even getting to test it out throughout its’ development, then check out my Patreon! I have an entire tier dedicated to it, the Lucy Tier. Pledging to this tier gives you access to the Discord server where i’ll be operating everything under the hood for this game!

Access to this Discord server will be your all-in pass to the nitty gritty of this game. I’ll be VERY active in there, and plan to post things for the game at least once a week, though I’m sure there will be times it’s closer to 40 things a week. Everybody who pledges will also get a place in the credits, a permanent showing that you helped support the project. I know a $10 pledge is a pretty steep price to ask of anybody, but if you want to be a part of something I think is pretty special in this community, I would greatly appreciate the help. All the money from my Patreon starting now will go directly back into this project.

Additionally, anyone who pledges may get their OC put in the game!

We’ll have to talk a bit to see if your character is a good fit into the Persona system I have in mind, but typically the Personas all share a bit of a theme of being mystical or fantastical . If you think your OC may be a nice fit, please DM me! Everyone pledged shares this opportunity, and I totally don’t care if you decide to make an OC specifically for this. I have more information on this posted in the Fatsona Breakout server.

I can’t type out how excited I am for this to FINALLY get rolling, and I hope you’re all excited as well! If you have any questions, please ask them! Anyways, I’m not too sure how to close something like this off. Let me know what you think, and if you wanna support the project, please consider pledging over on Patreon! Along with the Discord server benefits, the Lucy tier will also get access to all the other tier’s benefits, such as my monthly Request Polls, and early access to some of my art. Link to my Patreon: NewMetrack is creating Cute girls with FAT FUCKIN' GUTS | Patreon Thank you everyone!


Sounds really cool, am hella hyped!


Glad to see you ended up posting on the forums :+1:


sounds like an interesting game to play.


Thanks for the recommendation, It never crossed my mind to put it up here lol


I should be the one thanking you for making such a lovely game


I think I might already be following you on DA, lmao. Glad to see you here, I’m hella hyped!


We will watch your career with great interest…


…why i have feeling it going be a visual novel?


I guess you consider the social events more visual novel type gameplay than anything else, but it’s not going to be a visual novel game by any means. While there is going to be a loose connecting narrative, the games’ characters are going to be broken up into “levels” where all the social events and breakout events will take place. This is more akin to something like HuniePop where you have a bunch of characters you can pursue individually in a pretty loose order, instead of a visual novel where a linear storyline plays out with little choice of order.


Will yoshizawa be in there
If so you’ve got this hounds attention


Yup! Gonna play through P5S before I finalize the character roster to see if there’s anyone from there I can add, too.


Playing through P5S that just came out to get ideas for more chonk waifus

I am impressed with your drive and commitment.

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It’s imperative to my career to learn Haru Okumura’s combo strings

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