Fattening Career - 3D weight gain visual novel (early alpha 0.01 Released!)

Ooh i did not knew that :star_struck::+1::exploding_head:

Id dat youd also need more stuff to do on the money (that you have your room option screen every workday atleast.)

The following is An Idea)
For the sunday and saterday youd be able to do other stuff like going to work, going out(getting to meet someone or a chance to meet), bracht, park and maybe some other options or date / meet up with a contact the teacher, Luna or Kat.

Btw when do you get to able to help kat in the gym?

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More stuff with money, getting to do something every day after school and weekend content will all be available in the next update.
For the next update i will only add a couple thing to the weekend that i can expand in later updates.
So your suggestions for the weekend might not all be there next update.

Helping Kat in the gym isn’t implemented in the early alpha. This will be a strength requirement.


Overall, I enjoyed playing what was there. I realize this is super early, but I can see the potential for the foundation you’ve built. Giving some more interesting dialogue between the player and the characters will probably go the furthest, since the renders are already looking good.

Can’t wait to see this game come along!

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I have to say, incredibly well done. Looking forward to the next update, and you’ve done a great job here.

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Well if you impliment Them is alll up to you

But so far I like where its heading :grin:

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Really promising game so far, love Daisy so much… Looking forward to the next update. :+1:

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@bertmacklinsbrother Thank you, dialogue will be a big focus for the next updates.

@Lovesbellies Glad you like it :smiley:

@vrehert Thank you :smiley:

@Daxe Thanks, there will be more Daisy in the next update(more in multiple ways :P).

Thank you the alpha is really promising, very good models.

I wish for more of everything especially ssbbw and ussbbw content.

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This was very fun and had quite a bit to see for just an alpha. Awesome.

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@ragnocane Thank you, ssbbw content will be implemented eventually(takes a while for the characters to get to that point).

@EarthboyJAK Thanks for the kind words.


Fun game, looking forward to next updates. Pace is bit quick but its early alpha. You have a lot of potential to add to game. Keep it up!

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I love Daisy’s lack of modesty and attitude. It’s nice to get lost in pure fantasy sometimes!


This demo is only for pc or even for Android?

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@dzema123 Glad you like it :smiley:

@fatlovethrowaway Good to hear you like the writing like it is now, might have to poll and see what the majority thinks on this matter.

@Red Sadly it is only available on PC right now. I’m an trying to get a android build for the next update.

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