Fatties Eating Fatties! A Vore-focused, WG RPG -- update 3/16/23, Ver!

Which characters are exclusive to each other?

In Phase 1 Rachel for Rumia, Belle for Nanette, Phoebe for Jamie. Phase 2 I don’t recall whose exclusive to each other, but Penny is locked out if you side with either the cult or G.A.I.N

sorry if I get the roommate’s name wrong, I normally pick Rachel over her in my play through

Can anything be done about the party in the apartments? I kept saving and reloading, expecting that perhaps at some weight level that it would be different than the music turning up. Now I’m in stage 2 and I still have the quest to deal with the party from stage 1, but I can’t do anything about it. I know it is my fault for purposely doing this, but just want to know in case I ended up missing anything because of my mistake.

Oh no! I didn’t intend for you to be stressed out about it!
Obviously, with the haphazard design and points of no return, there’s no way you could have known this, but…

the payoff for this is phase 3.

Too elaborate, the hungry neighbor takes matters into her own hands. Alternatively, if you didn’t recruit rumia, she’ll have eaten both the party and the aforementioned neighbor.

I’m also thinking of …Letting the player ‘break up’ the party themselves with a party member of their choice (iykywim), possibly to help determine a romantic ending

But none of that is implemented yet.
Big ass spoiler blocks, lol


what I would like to say when it comes to parties is if there was a way of sending party members who don’t have a pick one or the other type deal and send them back to the apartments where you can swap out party members as a way to experience a few more characters without having to fill up or eat party members. A follow up idea to this would be a sort of passive management thing so while benched party members are in the apartment you can give them food so they can gain levels and the can either build up reputation with the other party members there or if they don’t like each other and one can betray the other and eat them to gain a boost in levels and gain their skills or they can run off and eat people without you that’s another option.

Also will feeding the fairy be expanded upon in the next update?

Thank you for the information. I can make do with the quest stuck in my journal for now, and remember for future playthroughs to actually do that quest.

At least two of Jeff’s skills seem to be broken for me. Lecture says it puts enemies to sleep for three turns, and that does seem to work, but he sleep bit doesn’t seem to do anything. I can see the enemies afflicted with the condition, but they attack and/or act anyways. Does it just slow the enemy down or something?

Also, the Husbandly Heal only displays a message that “[such and such teammate] took no damage.” when using it rather than actually healing anything.

As of version (current), there is text overflow of the dialog box from time to time.

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Another awesome update, the game’s really starting to seem fleshed out, and Phase 2 ends on a pretty interesting cliffhanger, can’t wait for the next update

A couple glitches I noticed, I recieved a Gain Trooper party member even though I sided with the Cult, and once I finished Phase 2, Grace’s dialogue looped ad infinitum, with no way to get out of the initial text box

How do I get in mohr marketing someone tell me

@Arin_Williams The amount of ideas I’ve had since I started this with respect to party management could each (or together) be interesting elements of other games – for example, or similarly, I’ve had a ‘loyalty’ system conceptualized wherein if certain party members were too small when you switch phases, that they would leave you, freeing room for other characters and allowing the player a chance to see what leaving characters get up to… With the affection/support system, that’s technically more feasible, but I’ll probably pass on it.

To connect it to your suggestions, my hope is for limited major character access to foster replayability; along with maybe implementing NG+ for unlimited recruitment if I can figure out how to do it w/o breaking things. So I’m less concerned with expanding major character availability at the present, although I won’t rule out expanding for 1 more.
The fairy WILL be feedable next time!

@Dragos_Drakkar Jeff needing another look over doesn’t surprise me. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though!

@Schattenjaeger Ooh, if you could screencap or otherwise identify where, I’d greatly appreciate it! Feel free to post them here or DM me them.

@Random325 Thanks for enjoying it! Those bugs should be fixed with build, unless I futzed that… But I’m sorry about the Grace loop, regardless!

@Boris_Wolf presuming you’re on the build, you should advance to the second request from your faction.


Am trying to advance to phase 2 but I need to turn on the machines in downtown Beach and in mohr marketing do I need a I’d or something else Also am level 40

Try talking to Darlene (the biggest scientist) again. She should stick an ID in your inventory, though it won’t say it.
In the original 0.6 build, I somehow forgot to have her give you the ID.

You might need to download, but saves can transfer.

Hope this helps!

Hey um when your asked the question what’s your favorite fruit dose it affect your figure when you lv up

Also bye the way how do you transfer save files

@zero_the_Unknown It affects your strengths and weaknesses! Also in theory it might affect how you react to certain characters but I haven’t done too much with that.
It was actually intended to at first, but then I realized how much work it’d take to do that.

(There’s a part of me that’d still like to do that, but this is basically a solo project, so it’s pretty unlikely atm)

@Boris_Wolf I’m not expert but, i think if you go into the folder of the game you’re playing, there should be a folder called saves, in either data or somewhere close. Put that in the equivalent spot in the new game folder

Thank you for the answer good luck on future updates the game is amazing.

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Hey so I was playing the game, but note I had already played before, I talked to a gain member in an alley and it brought me to a dungeon and when I went out of the dungeon the people blocking the way into phase two were gone and I could enter phase two places even though I wasn’t level 20? Is this a bug and is there any way to fix this?

Geez, that’s a lot to unpack, and very worrisome.
First, what do you mean by “the people blocking the way” into phase 2?
Do you possibly have a screenshot?
It’s possible you got warped into the next phase, but I’m not seeing it via the underground dungeon from phase 1.

So you know how if you try to go left the gain members ( I think that is what they are called) to block you until you reach the next phase? They were gone. I I can try to send a screenshot hold on a sec.