Fatties Eating Fatties! A Vore-focused, WG RPG -- update 3/16/23, Ver!

I don’t know is she’s a secret agent, it’s just the white girl with black hair and elegant black clothes, i don’t know her name.

Isn’t the one that can be recruited through giving her the experimental belly up the one with a yellow sweater? Because I’m not talking about her.

where is she on the map?

No idea bro, i don’t even know where to find her but i know she’s s companion because when i started from stage 3 i had her as a companion, but now i can’t find her in stage 2

The secret agent character is skein, who’s “disguised” as a default-style npc with shades in the city, south of the bakery. Talking to her with the bellyup catv from expa initiates her recruitment questline.

@cassetta723 are you using the .7.0.1 build? That has a fix for that, her house was bugged in 0.7 vanilla.

Started in 7.0.0 then imported my saves on 7.0.1 and still nothing for pryia house, I’ll check again asap

That would actually be helpful, since I sometimes forget as well for the NPC recruits/non-main characters!

Found some more potential errors (all of these are again with starting at the Phase 2 setup as I was using earlier)

  • You can get into the chapel before you get the ingredients to Polly and play out the scene.
  • When I try to get back into the Bluebell Bakery after Polly’s quest is over, it says I still need to finish delivering the wedding cake.
  • The quest entry for “Phase 2” says Kui needs level 40 instead of the new level requirement.
    *I’m not sure if this is an error or not, but I couldn’t find Mike in the school after it said the supports were unlocked and having Jamie in the party. If there’s a secret to getting him to show up though I might have missed it.
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For those interested, here’s some Guide for a Rachel, Nanette, Jaime, Sheila build

Rachel growth level : 5 > 9 > 18 > 27 > 38 > 46 > (58 not too sure about the last could be 57)
Fav candy : Milk chocolate

Nanette G levels : 11 > 19 > 26 > 36 > 48 > 55
Fav candy : Marshmallow

Jaime G levels : 5 > 8 > 18 > 27 > 38 > 50 > 60
Fav Candy : Marshmallow

Sheila G levels : (size 1-2 around late 30s) > 48 > 53
Fav candy : Pocky

To earn Money faster, you can Spare enemies, the best ones are the Fatties lvl that could give you 1000 dollars, in phase 2 you can farm on the Office also on all enemies here gives a good amount relatively (based on luck)

There’s a spot in the beach where you can literally drink grease to Exp, it costs HP but if you want to see new sizes fast you can save and do it repetitively, it’s faster than fighting

In the Ham capture all the fatties you can and eat them, that’s the fastest way to Exp

Have a good game all !


Don’t know if i’m doing something wrong, but I can’t get any side characters to level up. For example I recruited Susan and fed her people (because it states that eating people turns directly into calories) and it didn’t seem to give any instant calories.

Hmm. Did you try having them eat enemies? The items behave a little differently on account of stat tracking, so I may have neglected something(s)

I don’t know about the other side characters, but Susan didn’t seem to have an ‘eat’ skill. She only had Pred Heal, Pred Digest and Titbump.

Oh riiiight. She actually has to learn “Pred Eat”, once she’s fattened up at a bit, as a bit of inane story-gameplay integration. She “canonically” can’t eat people until she’s big enough. I’ll have to adjust the people items to accommodate for that.

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Beat the final boss in ham a while back and made it back to Expa. Ngl, the game is still pretty dang good tbh. But part of me does wish there was some kinda pokemon esq spray to get rid of enemy’s. even if it was just for one screen or 2. But besides that I didn’t run into all to many bugs cept for the schoolgirls sister still being in the hallway after she’s eaten, and not being able to get back into blueberry cafe after doing nannette’s mission

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I would agree, nothing is more annoying then running into a skinny enemy as running from fights seems to be based on speed stats and skinnies are faster then fatties and can make it super annoying to run from fights

I’m afraid I agreed about skinny enemies. I really don’t like how low chance for escape when there are skinny enemies.

The intent was for skinnies to be able to go first, which makes sense logically, but I really didn’t consider how that interacts with rpgmakers escape logic.

I believe I can improve priority in other ways, so I’ll walk that back in general, although I might leave it for certain enemies.

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I might be out of line here, but what if there was a special attack to automatically eat a skinny, but maybe only a select few have this attack or something

I found out that a bug from the previous version survived: In chapter 2 Rachel after being eaten can be found at the office behind the wooden door. My apology if this was known about.

Where is the Montalban Apartments at?

It’s the place the MC lives