Fatties Eating Fatties! A Vore-focused, WG RPG -- update 9/22/22, Ver!

has anyone else have the game break after getting jamie to her fifth stage? keeps saying it’s failing to load her face. would like to know how to fix that tbh

hey so there is a file that will fix it
posted in the description of the game
its a fix for that

I swear every time I come back 2 this game its a lot better then the last time :+1:
I’m genuinely curious just how big this game will be when its actually finished. And if i’d be able to actually buy it cause i’m def willing to spend like 20+ for a game like this especially given how this is one of the few vore games with WG as a main mechanic.

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how do you recruit penny tho?

Basically, talk to her and then talk to her again, its a bit weird to recruit her cause for me it glitched for a bit. But once u do, you basically gotta sacrifice a person in your group and then u can get her. Just use one of the nameless characters that are around.

idk about all the other stuff. But the party members thing doesn’t seem like a glitch to me and seems like a purposeful addition to the game. Yes u can only have 5 active but having the 1 extra is just a nice touch cause its just a “hey you may not like the characters kit but u like the character” type of thing. So u can still bring em along without having to use em :+1: Personally i use the slot for Ming

Bug report

When I was playing the game, bur for some reason either rumia or Kui were weak, despite being either plumpers or fattys, only causing 0 damage to enemy npcs.

So, right now I had no choice but to delete the game for now & wait for the ham update until the issues are resolved.

the dev said you needed a specific item for her and the agent. but i have no idea what it could be.

Well when u do talk to penny and when she asks u to test her machine, make sure u have a party member u don’t mind using. Then give her what comes out of the machine.

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how do i give her the bellyup item if she won’t join my party?

also can you recruit carmen yet?

apparently if i recruited a specific character it locks you from recruiting her

Oh yeah I think for penny its the milf, not phoebe but the other one that u get beat by early in the game

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i think i banished rachel into the ether, she went to work, and then i paid the debt, and now i can’t find her anymore

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i think i found an bug where your at the school and the after her sister gets eaten she still there after she is eaten plus at she still at house it might need to fix

good thing i didnt do that

Hey everyone! Sorry for the long bout of radio silence! Recent new job has basically left me only able to work on things over the weekends, and then my computer died, nearly taking everything with it. Emphasis on ‘nearly.’
I DID recover everything, but between that episode and subsequently getting a new comp, and work, progress has, uh, slowed.
Thank you to everyone who has posted here in the interim; the enthusiasm and the assistance offered to others has been fulfilling to see.

@lazer_kid Thank you! Rachel is a favorite of mine, with her angry brows, and Jamie’s… grown on me, haha.

@Argos1_X I’m glad you like what you’ve seen! And re: 0 damage, I’ll look into what might have caused that. Hopefully I’ll find it…

@magmalantern You flatter me, sir! But thank you. <3

@Fish4 Your bug reports and gameplay analyses are incredibly useful. Thank you for the documentation.

@gumball.cabrera115 It looks like most of your questions have been answered(?) but for the two that appear to remain, Carmen is not yet recruitable, and Penny is recruitable in the Expa route (reject Cult and GAIN) by talking to her while you have the Belly-Up Cat-V, or whatever its called, by sacrificing a party member.

@Reapier I can literally see in my head why that happened. I’m so sorry! It was meant to correct one oversight, but it seems it broke something else.

@PRO_MASTER360 Hmm. Perhaps I need to rework their logic.

Broadly speaking, the thing with penny is that she logically shouldn’t be recruitable by the other factions, being a devoted company woman. Perhaps the solution might be to remove her from the non-Expa routes, replace her with a generic NPC offering the same procedure?


i kinda like the penny character as an recruitable character i would say keep it the recruitable you should add more weight stages tho

i been thinking for an new character if you want any new character ideas i will private message you if need any ideas just say yes if you need any if no its fine

Have you considered adding more sound effects to scenes such as burps, swallowing sounds, ect similar to the Rachel scene at the beginning of the game?