Fatties Eating Fatties! A Vore-focused, WG RPG -- Ver 0.52: New characters, sizes, and PLOT?! ~~Bugfixed version (with patchnotes)

Hey there, friend!

I’m extremely flattered that my name is attached to this game, though I don’t know how much I actually contributed directly. It is a lot of fun grinding up to fatter levels, and I like the sort of hybrid ‘Visual Novel’/RPG thing this has going, with the puzzle-like prey and interactions. I did encounter bugs here and there but it’s all stuff that could get polished out and have mostly already been mentioned.

Great work and I’m so happy you decided to bring this to life and share!


Is there supposed to be absolutely no sound coming out of this game or is something wrong with my computer?

it in prototype stage, what you expect?

RPG Maker has a lot of basic sounds he would’ve had to turn OFF, not on.

it’s explained a bit above as to why there isn’t any sounds in the game.
I think some will be added eventually, but it’s not a high priority

Found a bug. I recruited both Roommate and Rachael.

Once they hit Plumper status and they get fullness, resting won’t reduce it at all.
It works fine for the MC though.

Tried it with only one of them and same result.

Also is there supposed to be a master key in the bathroom?

Interesting. I have NO IDEA why they’re capping at tier 2, but that’s a priority fix for sure. I don’t think they did in ver 0.1… Hmm. One step forward, 2 steps back.

And yeah, the maintenance dude did say he misplaced the key iirc, so you get either his back-up copy if you do his quest, Grace’s copy if you beat her first, or… you find where he left it, to begin with. Most ‘puzzles’ will be formatted like that, with multiple ways to get an item

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I’d forgotten to comment on it before, but I can confirm that Roommate and Rachel did the same thing with capping at Tier 2 in v0.1

Huh I have the master apartment key but I can’t actually get into the penthouse. It keeps saying the door is locked and needs a key.

There’s a separate Penthouse key, actually, locked to a boss fight. I admit that naming is perhaps unclear.

After Charity starts talking to Rachel, I can’t seem to do anything else. Is this the end of the game, or am I just stuck or stupid?

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this happened to me too

Hmm. What do you mean, ‘anything else’? Does the game softlock?

Looking at it from my end, if you talk to Charity with Rachel, it flips on several switches, 2 of which are vaguely redundant, but all of which are there to ensure that Grace ultimately argues with her mother. That’s kind of the ‘peak’ of what’s released thus far.

i like where this is going. Keep it up!

how do i find the fat fairy?

Ground Floor, out the back.

Thanks! I feel like I’m floundering in deep water every time I think about the stuff I want to implement, haha.

Sounds like me :smiley:

It’s best to just slowly do it, so you don’t overwhelm yourself all at once.

Although, once you get the hang of it, stuff gets easier.

Quick little bug I’m experiencing:

I’m still in the hotel starting area. Can’t figure out how to leave the building. I decided to farm for a bit, and I got Rachel up to “Plumper.” The menu still says she’s Weight level 8, even though I know she’s a level 9. On top of that, once she got to level 8 and hit “Plumper” level, she stopped digesting. No calories gained while eating, no fullness going down… nothing. MC is still fine; this is only happening to Rachel.

The building you’re in is thus far the only area, actually. You’ll be able to leave it next content update, I promise. And the Class/Digestion bug is something I keep meaning to look at; I assure you, THAT will also be ironed out, ideally, for the aforementioned update. Sorry about that!

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