Fatty Text Adventure Toolkit (FTAT)

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Let’s start from the beginning:

I wanted to learn to develop games in Unity more than two years ago. My goal was to end up with the ability to develop games on my own.

After some time of thinking and playing noone’s game, I found my idea that I wanted to put into practice.

My goal was to develop noone’s game in a game engine. Similar but different.

After a long time of development I decided to publish a prototype. It was pretty well received on FA, so with this version I decided to promote it here as well.

In the beginning the only goal was to develop a game in a similar style, but now I want to create a toolkit for Unity, with which you can develop similar games like this, even completely without programming skills.

But you must still have an idea about Unity! Without basic knowledge you can’t do anything with it!

The first version of the toolkit will hopefully be released sometime, at the moment I’m still working on tools for better handling of everything (e.g. Custom inspectors, making it easy to use, cleaning up code)

So basically the game is a demo of what you can do with the toolkit!

And yes, both of these thing’s will be free to download and play.

Any kind of feedback or idea that can help improve the project is welcome! You can post you ideas here or use my form’s on the website here for game content or bug’s

----- 08/29/2018 -----
Project is not dead but still on hold. I don’t have the time for it right now. It’s possible that my time will be limited for the next half year or longer.
----- 9/11/2018 -----
Had a forced server restart and my docker containers are not restarting by themself. It was not possible to access the website for the last day. Server is up again.
----- 10/19/2018 -----
Had some time and cleaned up the project folders and created a overview file called “Asset Folder Structure.txt” where every folder and it’s use is described. Also cleaned up and moved around some stuff.
----- 11/01/2018 -----
The Shop system is around 65% done and i’m really happy with it! Hoping to finish it this week so I can go to the description system on my next vacation!
----- 11/10/2018 -----
Shop system is now 90% finished. I’m actully REALLY proud of that thing!
----- 03/10/2019 -----
Shop system is finished and tested. The next thing is the description system. I hope I can release a new update this month.
----- 03/31/2019 -----
Private Gitea server is now online for the project.
----- 04/04/2019 -----
Release of version 0.8
----- 05/11/2019 -----
I have a writer on my team now who is helping me as best as he can. The Saving system is 60% done. You can save your character but not your items at the moment. Description System is reworked twice(!) And is 70% done. (We wanted to find the best possible solution to this. More and more systems are coming together and some bug’s where also fixed.
----- 06/13/2019 -----
Created Custom Editors for better usability of the toolkit and working right now on a Node editor based on “xNode”. You can now see your current status effects in the status dialoug. Saving and Loading is tested in editor but not after compiling at the moment. No new usable release of the next FTA Toolkit is available because to much is in experimental state. Added some AudioClip capability in some places but there is no Audio Manager yet.
----- 06/27/2019 -----
Little downtime of the server for security patches.
----- 07/06/2019 -----
Finished a lot of stuff. Finding as much bug’s as possible and then move on to some content creation.
----- 07/21/2019 -----
Taking a little step back from programming, project is not dead. I’m drawing right now stuff to get better in it
----- 08/18/2019 -----
Working on the new battle manager a lot at the moment. It’s taking a lot of time to figure it out but it’s worth it.
----- 08/26/2019 -----
Battle Manager Plus is now in beta. (Or I call it at least beta)
----- 09/13/2019 -----
Finally made a nice UI. I’m currently working on QoS stuff and polish things so everything looks nice

Next planned feature:

  • Node based editor to write Conversations (Done, but needs more enhancement)
  • Quest System (Done)
  • Battle manager plus. Fighting up to 5 different monsters at the same time (beta status)
  • Workflow improvements (In progress)
  • Audio Manager (Next planned feature)
  • Spell system
  • Perhaps reworking the Status effect system?
  • Day/Night cycle

Next update to expect
Whenever I feel ready. I think I’m nearly done with all the big backend stuff and I can focus on content creation (soon…)


One of my favorite parts of Noone’s game is that you could use custom species to make your character human for people who aren’t interested in being an animal. Do you think that is a possible species you could add? I thought of sending a suggestion using your site but I am no artist :sweat_smile:

Adding a new Race takes 10 seconds. It’s added.
The Text for the Race itself is something else :smile:

That’s what I meant, the text lol. I am no artist with text I feel it will come more cringy then complete. I will do my best I suppose lol

Eh… it’s a placeholder for now. If someone want’s to do that, they can. Right now, I’m more interested in adding new features then content.

I’m not sure why but your links are loading into a blank screen for me.

The look fine on my side

So can you add a skunk race as well?

Definitely has potential, though I’ll reserve a true opinion until more progress is made.

Race is added, putting a placeholder for the text in.

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Nice. When are you planning on adding a saving feature to the game?

I can’t say that for sure. Sooner or later there will be a saving feature but not now. I want to make the saving featuer across all builds (WebGL, Windows, Mac) and WebGL could get problematic.

So you’ve mentioned that human/custom/something race and skunk race are added, but as of the latest version on the page (assuming they’re numbered in logical order) in the “Play the game” section (which is a higher number than the latest “Download the game”, not sure if that’s because they’re different codebases or because “Play” is actually a revision ahead of “Download”), it looks like those two aren’t present. Also (on the same version) when you go into a menu, unless there’s some key that exits the menus that isn’t mentioned, you’re stuck on the menu.

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Yes that’s true! They are added to the release of the next version. It was a suggestion that was added. I don’t throw out a new update just becaus of this.

Nevermind… going to update all three versions now with that suggestions as v0.7

EDIT2: Changes are live

I had the same problem. Turns out my adblocker was blocking everything. Check that, it might be the problem.

Oh, and the status screen doesn’t update with gender. Just thought I’d mention in case that wasn’t a known bug already.

That’s strange :confused: I don’t have any ad’s etc. on my site to block. I use uBlock Origin as my adblocker and never had this problem.

Thx for the tip, it’s on my list!

I was told that apparently if you don’t do your javascript a certain way, it might appear ad-like to some blockers. I can confirm that mine didn’t like your site. I can just turn it off, though- without it the site loads and works fine.

Hm… well never heard of that but well… now I know it I guess.
Does this happen all across the website or only when you want to play the game?

If I’m not wrong, the WebGL build uses javascript loading the game. If javscript is blocked, it won’t load.