Fatty Text Adventure Toolkit (FTAT)



So as a status effect it’s not going to happen but in a fight from a monster that could work? It would be possible to create a “Blueberry” stack in a fight. If the stack is to high, you are dead.


I was honestly thinking that it would just be stuffing with special text TELLING you that you’re blowing up, and defeat text that has you become a fruit and go explodey-boo.


well… that’s kinda cheap imo. I made a very modular battle system… why not use it? :smiley:




In that case, I like that idea! I’ll finish up the text and I’ll send in the suggestion ASAP!


Thx for dropping in some suggestions! My time is very limited but I try my best to get out a new update ^^


Version 0.8 is out now: play here
First release of the toolkit is out now (WIP): git releases


What do you think of this new release?


Well… not a lot… It’s just a little proof of concept like the other versions are. Releasing new versions is just helping me find bugs and let people suggest features they would like to see at the moment. I hope I didn’t bother anyone that there was so little new in it. if all goes well I have a partner that will just focus on content creation with the systems that are working.

Why do you ask?


I was interested in what you think of your own game. Also, I asked to make some activity for the thread.


Thx for that! I try my best to make a good game out of it!


So… anything else planned for the game?


Well the next big planned thing is a saving and loading system. I found a open source package for a ingame file explorer which is perfect for this exact problem! I only have to write a binary formatter for loading and saving the data and correctly implement the UI.

I also changed the way you can interact with the object’s in a room. It is now possible to call the three actions in the little window (take, use, talk to) everything you want which is stored on the object itself. You can now display ( take , drink, - ) ( - , trade, talk to) or whatever you like.

The character description system (or at least the scriptable object’s logic) are done and can now be implemented into the status screen so it’s possible to describe the state of the characters appearence.


Okay. Can you try to implement that saving and loading system as soon as possible?


Yeah I can try that. It definitely will take a long time for sure but that is a huge step towards usability.

My goal is that you can take your save file from game A made with FTAT and play with that same file in game B made with FTAT so a user generated content community can result from that.


How long do you expect it to take to implement it?


Starting from tomorrow, I have two free weeks and I hope I can finish it in this time.

Everything could potentially be relativly easy… or not. I can’t tell you in what problem’s I will ran into in the future.


Also, don’t forget the skunk description on the character creator.


I know about that but thx for reminding me! :smiley:

Not every race has a description at the moment (all of them are not made by me) but that’s not my biggest problem for now.


How about adding an enemy that appeals to either the opposite or same gender as your character, and fattens your character up by force-feeding them? And at the same time, said enemy could fatten itself up until either you defeat it or it defeats you.


This is definitely possible! I’v added that suggeston to my to do. Your suggestion