Fatty Text Adventure Toolkit (FTAT)



You could always suggest in game


That’s actually a good choice! What kind of colors would you like?


Already put in orange, yellow, white and grey, from what I remember. Already wrote down and submitted- I hope it sufficesm at least for now.


Oh ok! Sorry I was not checking the form’s on the website itself atm ^^


Also probably going to suggest a monster; a spiritual successor to noone’s fruit dryad, in that she can blueberry/fruit expand you do death.

If you’re ok with fruit inflation, of course.


How about fixing that font? Kinda hard to read.


What font or in what place? There is an options menu where you can even change the font size and font for the main UI (Headline and text in textbox). You can find the options menu button in the bottom left in the main UI


So as a status effect it’s not going to happen but in a fight from a monster that could work? It would be possible to create a “Blueberry” stack in a fight. If the stack is to high, you are dead.


I was honestly thinking that it would just be stuffing with special text TELLING you that you’re blowing up, and defeat text that has you become a fruit and go explodey-boo.


well… that’s kinda cheap imo. I made a very modular battle system… why not use it? :smiley:




In that case, I like that idea! I’ll finish up the text and I’ll send in the suggestion ASAP!


Thx for dropping in some suggestions! My time is very limited but I try my best to get out a new update ^^