Fatty Text Adventure Toolkit (FTAT)



Yeah I can try that. It definitely will take a long time for sure but that is a huge step towards usability.

My goal is that you can take your save file from game A made with FTAT and play with that same file in game B made with FTAT so a user generated content community can result from that.


How long do you expect it to take to implement it?


Starting from tomorrow, I have two free weeks and I hope I can finish it in this time.

Everything could potentially be relativly easy… or not. I can’t tell you in what problem’s I will ran into in the future.


Also, don’t forget the skunk description on the character creator.


I know about that but thx for reminding me! :smiley:

Not every race has a description at the moment (all of them are not made by me) but that’s not my biggest problem for now.


How about adding an enemy that appeals to either the opposite or same gender as your character, and fattens your character up by force-feeding them? And at the same time, said enemy could fatten itself up until either you defeat it or it defeats you.


This is definitely possible! I’v added that suggeston to my to do. Your suggestion