Favorite plots!

Hey hey hey! I’m gonna cut to the chase, but in stories, obviously, there are all kinds of different plots. Well, simply put, this is a poll to see what the most liked plot is. (As a side note, if you somehow didn’t know, this is talking about weight gain stories, I feel like you’d know this, but there you go anyways! ;D)

Types of plots in stories
  • Willingly gaining
  • Forced gaining (like captured and forced to gain)
  • Gaining, but in denial
  • Gaining, and unhappy about it
  • Gaining for a partner
  • Gaining with a partner (like a couple gaining together)
  • Gaining for an important reason (like if they are a heavyweight boxer, or they are trapped in a blizzard)
  • Magical gaining
  • Gaining from a disease
  • Other

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Honestly, I can’t think of anymore, so I put the other for that reason, in case I missed one. I will be holding this poll open until February the 8th. I don’t think this has been done before, but I didn’t really check, so f, and if you want to talk about this, feel free to do so.

With that said, I hope everyone has a swell day! ;D

Edit: I thought I did a good job here, but my special other came over and pointed out the fact I put pole instead of poll, I’m telling you this so you don’t have to dig around for that.


I think the important reason is a really big factor especially with WG literature. Thinking about it now all of my favorite stories I’ve read have a really good hook to them and I think that can be really important.

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I quite like the gaining as part of a scheme. Like a super-villain or magically force changing a group, village or society either unknowingly or changing expectations.
Gives it a mystery aspect. Plus its most definitely due to cartoons and tv shows I use to watch.


This was honestly really hard to answer, as I’ve enjoyed a number of those plots over the years. Went with gaining for a reason, because while that one is really hard to do right, it is amazing when it does.

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Welp, the poll is closed! Time to write my thoughts on it, I guess. Now, I knew from the beginning that willingly gaining would undoubtedly be on top, so no surprise there
Forced gaining, well, at first it was actually more at the bottom, but I guess certain people joined the poll and it got brought up to 2nd place. Gaining, but in denial, I can’t say I was expecting it to make it to 3rd, but it happened (and, as a side note, when they’re in denial in stories, I think it’s adorable.) Gaining for an important reason, I mean, yes, it did make it to 4th place, but the gap in points is still quite a bit. I still think that it makes for a really good plot though. Magical gaining, this one is really loose on what it means, because are they just plumping up, or are they eating highly fattening magical foods? Either way,I would agree with this one being in 5th. Gaining for a partner, this one surprised me a good bit, as originally for the first 3 days, it was in 2nd place, but then it just plummeted. Maybe it’s because y’all like short stories, and those take to long? Well, comment about it if you want. Gaining with a partner, I’m not gonna lie, I was actually shocked at this. I always had the mentality of the more the merrier, but I also understand some people like a “big and small” kind of relationship. Gaining from a disease, yeah, yeah I can see why it would get 3% of voters, but for those who voted, please, do tell! As far as other goes, I’ll just assume it’s because I put most of y’alls favorites here, but I would love to here what other ones y’all like! And finally, last, and, unfortunately least, gaining, and unhappy about it. I knew from the start this would be dead last, but what took me by surprise was that 2% of you voted for it in the first place! I thought for about an hour, and I can’t see the attraction, so please, if you chose that, tell me why!

Anywho, with all that said, I look forward to y’alls comments, and have a swell day! ;D

Despite the poll’s closure, I’d just like to say that these plots remind me of certain episodes of cartoons or anime, chapters of comics or manga, or sections of video games regarding weight gain, even if it’s permanent.