Favourite mechanics/features in WG games

Thought I’d be a bit more active on the site (especially since I’ve been lurking for a while) so I’m here to ask a question: what are your guys’ favourite mechanics or features thatvw shown up in WG(or any other expansion related growth) games?
There’s been a few choices for me, one being the world fattening up as you progress so it’s not just your character growing.
Another one being the description of the playable characters, it’s always nice to read the gaining and getting to see the new text when you finally reach another weight stage.

Now of course, that’s not to say that if games don’t have them I don’t like them, plenty of the games I love have neither of those. But nonetheless, I’m interested to see what other people think about this question.


For me, it’s player character forced gaining that comes from stuff other than story-related gaining sessions. Stuff like in Unnamed or Lysithea’s, where the enemies are actively trying to fatten you up, usually to your detriment.

I really appreciate how in the VN Soft Fantasies you have a lot of choices of what you can do with the MC