Feed My Affection - A Weight Gain Themed Dating Simulator

This is the first time I’ve ever posted here, so like Krodmandoon said, you probably just saw it somewhere else. :laughing:


Right before checking if paige has eaten 16 things you set the variable for how many things she’s eaten to 0, so it can never be equal to 16.

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Thanks for finding that! I’ll roll out a fix tomorrow.

This looks to be pretty promising, and the mention of being a feedee yourself definitely is a big selling point to me.

Looking forward to seeing how this all rolls out.:slight_smile:

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I’m trying to get to where I can feed Paige but every time I talk to her she’s just on the phone. Kind of stuck, any tips?

Spoiler below obviously :laughing:.

To go on the date with Paige you need to talk to her downtown. When you first interact with her say “No, but you’re going to want to know me.” “And it sounds like you have some daddy issues”. " I can help you get back at them." " No, I’m not doing that." Then you need to “Double down.” Then click the leave button from the downtown screen. This will trigger the Paige date event that can happen in the evening.



I have considered itch.io, and may look into it further once it’s in a more complete state, like alpha. It’ll be a while before it reaches that stage though.


BTW the date With Paige on Android gives bit of a weird bug.

Suddenly her head is of off her body.

BTW how does the feeder date happen because i got her to ask.me out but IT doesn’t happen or hasnt that part not been implemented?

BTW @Tonbelly i love the game so far :heart_eyes:

I cant wait to see more features get unleashed


The version linked in the first post is 0.12.1 and in that version the feeding mini game for Paige is not implemented yet. The patreon version is 0.14.1 adds the mini game to Paige’s burger queen date.

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As Krodmandoon said, the date continues in 0.14. As for that head bug, a few people have mentioned it with the Wanda dating scene but I was never able to reproduce it. Perhaps it’s specific to Android, so I’ll look into it some more on that. Thanks for the “heads up”. :wink:

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Just to clarify

I meant the date With Ellie

The Paige date was Nice to see :grin:

Ellie has existed since 0.4 I think (before there was a mechanic for the passage of time, which was added recently) and while it is planned for her to have more content it hasn’t happened yet. So, there is no date to go on yet.


Game is surprisingly well polished despite it being early in development.
Consider me interested, joined your patreon, eager to see where this goes.


Ooh, sorry about that! Yes, that’s actually the part I’m working on right now! The Ellie date will be available for the Meal tier in version 0.15 by the end of the month.

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I’m glad you think so, and thank you for joining! I am an artist first and foremost, so I am less inclined to use placeholders and I also want each content update to be as playable as I can get it to keep my patrons happy. I do sacrifice testing time though, but any major bugs usually get caught early by patrons and then I roll out bugfix updates straight away.

I really enjoyed this. The characters all have fun personalities, and I really like the fact that you can be on the feeder or feedee side (or both!). I’m really looking forward to more content with Ellie and the mukbang girl. This has a lot of potential and already feels quite polished.


How much content is in the game right now?
I had the feeding scene with Wanda and the talk with the girl downtown, which stopped at the burger place. I talked to the skinny woman on the beach but couldnt find her at the burger place the next evening and now she just recommends buying ice cream. I had 2 delivery runs and now that also says that thats it for now.
Did I miss anything?

Can you only meet with Wanda once in the demo for a feeding date? I was looking forward to more donuts! :laughing:

Yes, since the events in game are only representative of the first day there are no repeating scenes or events yet. That will likely change as the game continues to develop.

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