Feed My Affection - A Weight Gain Themed Dating Simulator

I’m glad you think so, and thank you for joining! I am an artist first and foremost, so I am less inclined to use placeholders and I also want each content update to be as playable as I can get it to keep my patrons happy. I do sacrifice testing time though, but any major bugs usually get caught early by patrons and then I roll out bugfix updates straight away.

I really enjoyed this. The characters all have fun personalities, and I really like the fact that you can be on the feeder or feedee side (or both!). I’m really looking forward to more content with Ellie and the mukbang girl. This has a lot of potential and already feels quite polished.


How much content is in the game right now?
I had the feeding scene with Wanda and the talk with the girl downtown, which stopped at the burger place. I talked to the skinny woman on the beach but couldnt find her at the burger place the next evening and now she just recommends buying ice cream. I had 2 delivery runs and now that also says that thats it for now.
Did I miss anything?

Can you only meet with Wanda once in the demo for a feeding date? I was looking forward to more donuts! :laughing:

Yes, since the events in game are only representative of the first day there are no repeating scenes or events yet. That will likely change as the game continues to develop.

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Depending on the version you’re on, it sounds like you still have something to do on the computer after the delivery runs and you should be able to meet Ellie for the date. If you’re on 0.13+ and Ellie doesn’t appear at the food court on the next evening, there could be a bug happening. Please open a new thread in the Feed My Affection Category to report this if you believe it to be a bug.

As Krodmandoon said, no repeat events just yet but I do want to get some in. It may be a little while before that happens though, as most or all of the main systems such as weight gain, character profiles and inventory will need to be implemented first.


That makes total sense! Loving the premise of the game so far! Can’t wait to see where it goes!

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If the player plays as a feedee, is there any possibility to beat Wanda in the donut eating contest? It seems that no matter what tactic one would choose, Wanda will win (also thanks to her bonuses)…

EDIT: I discovered that gaining some weight before the event works fine too, as it expands player’s capacity.


Use the soda option as well at a certain eating level she’ll have more of her gauge go up with soda then you’ll have


Yo I literally made an account to post this, and spoilers I guess, the skinny girl at the beach is the best character the way she comes in closer to you when she notices your weight gain is fucking great :rofl: :joy:

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I’m glad you enjoyed that. :laughing:
Thanks for going out of your way to comment! I hope you continue to enjoy future updates!

Anyone running into a glitch with after date with Ellie and you complete it and get the message about future updates, the following day going to the restaurant areas brings you back to berthas and the date scene but you end up at the table with four empty plates and nothing you can do to progress. Also how do you hang out with Wanda after her shift in the latest version? It still has her same dialog of post fast food feeding game.

In version 0.16+ you can do the Wanda event at burger queen only if you had not met her previously.

This issue has been mentioned to me a few times, and I am working on a fix.

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Hey, when I try to go to the Mega File, the file isn’t there. Is there a reason this is happening?

(I’m using an Android Phone, so it could very well be that.)



How can you make Paige eat all the food?

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Paige’s capacity can go over max with the last item given to her. You can easily alternate giving food and drink items one after the other until they are finished and making sure the last thing she has is one of the double cheese burgers should allow you to have her finish everything.

i was wondering is there a way to pay and get the newest version of the game without a credit card or paypal? i’ve been really wanting to play this game but since i’m from the Netherlands i don’t have a credit card. i could use paypal but they blocked my bank account number cause they found out i was using it underage.

is there anyway anyone can maybe help me? if not i guess so be it.

I thought i’d jump in here and say i’m having a similar problem, i’m on pc, and the page says that the folder link is no longer available when it is opened