Feeder Fantasy by Fallboy - Translations & Mods (Ver. 1.2.2, Original Ver. 5.0)

Would love to see more weight gain scenarios with the MC honestly.


??? In what respect, exactly?

There are plans to diversify things a bit. We’re looking into adding tiny little extra events at the moment to tide us over until 6.0.


idk just to change it up i guess

just want to ask 2 things.
What exactly is added by the mod’s, and what is different from the base game?
In the original, is male the only option or is female an option too?

Check the change log it it tells you what has been added. The mod is a collection of the few mods that had been around, including a English translation, some added functionality and quality of life improvements, with some content not in the original game. The original version has a male MC with art and is in Japanese.

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Hi, i dont know if it fits here exactly, but i wanted to know how the modding team from Feeder Fantasy edited their sprites. Specifically the blob sprites, as they are a bigger challenge then the normal sprites.

Looks like the release has been delayed a little bit. I know he said that he’s got some major college work he’s getting done, so that is taking precedent right now

For those wondering, according to his twitter his college work has been taking up a lot of his time and the new update is indefinity delayed im sorry to say. Its up to the fans now to keep the content going until the guy has more time.


see my latest post if you can. 6.0 is indefinitely delayed due to the creator being backed up with college.

Is there a possibility that in a future update there will be more sized for the MC?

Is it possible to hide the text box during cgs? It’s annoying how it gets in the way often

Hi, I have a question. So far I’ve been playing the game a bit and I just noticed that Karen’s dialogue finally changed. The game says that she’s put on some weight, but she looks the same, so I was wondering if this is a bug or if she doesnt have any fat sprites/images yet on this version.Basically, Karen should look fatter at this point, is this normal or some sort of error?
Also, just for reference, at this point she’s asking me to “give her something”

remember the restaurant? well every time you fatten the maid at the restaurant? well she gives you a a booze or alcohol well. give that to karen an she will size up at the next day. every time karen says ''give someting" its booze

to fatten the maid you will have to give her what she requested
so… food.

Hi, this is what I mean, the description doesnt match up. I dont know if there is something wrong with my game x’d or if this a common bug

does the other girls gain weight? try feeding karen. if i remember correctly she changes after the booze.

Hi, I was able to fix it by reinstalling the game, all is good now, thanks =)!

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OH good the have fun bro

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I vaguely recall having a discussion to this effect at one point actually with the dev team, about whether or not to retain her portrait in this section as Fallboy originally included it. IIRC we figured it was a better idea not to either suddenly remove it nor to prematurely show the stage 2 art prior to the snack wings event, which explicitly describes her fattening in real time. I guess ideally there’d be another inbetween stage for just this short moment, but we don’t have the pull with Sunny to get it made.


I’m not entirely sure what your end goal is with this. Would you like the presentation in the “Look at her Body” events to be altered in some way, or do you just want to look at the images in isolation? Because if the latter, you can access them in the files via www/img/pictures , I believe unencrypted. It might be worth considering an in-game gallery of some sort in the future though.

Will there be a larger weight stage for the MC? I recall once you hit the last stage (before you’re too fat to leave your house) you try to go across a bridge it states that it is about to break, implying that at a later weight stage it would.


More player gain content would be nice! Maybe also add in more comments from NPC’s about your weight, and a couple more bad (player feedee) endings could be nice!