Feeling the Weight of It All - Weight gain VN

Howdy, I been working on visual novel for the past few months which have been inspired by Team Spoon’s VN Fork! Me and an amazing artist named Woomy! We have been working hard on the story and characters for a about 8 months now and now we finally have something to show off for the community!

It’s a coming of age story about a college grad moving back to their hometown and trying to fit in while also coming to terms with their fetish. The story is told in a first person perspective and has branching story lines and romance options for you to choose! So stick around for updates on characters and background!

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Here’s the title page with the all the characters

0.0.3 is out now!!!


Looks great! Can’t wait to see more!


The girls are all looking mighty cute.

I think the left most one is my fave.




Insert obligatory “We will watch your carer with great interest.” meme.

Looking good from this first glance. Hope to see more of it in the future.


Since the guy above me said it - it looks good so far just from the title splash!


It’s great to see another VN on the site even if it’s by my perspective getting a bit repetitive at this point however i shall endure!

though a few questions come to mind.

Who are each of these characters being the most obvious and if one of them is the Main character.

What kind of approach did you take with the story when it came to writing it in general?

and lastly for now, i take it with how many characters their on in the image you displayed their are going to be feeder relationships as well?

Oh wow I’m surprised how fast people responded to my post! I’m super excided to share more with you in days to come!

@burntmagic : I’m so glad you like it, more content will come tomorrow I’ll be posting more about the cast and hope you can pick a favourite!

@BuiltToBlast : Ooooo that’s Lilith she’s very cute and got a secret which you will have to find out for yourself later on :wink: , but I’ll be explain more in detail tomorrow!

@Minecraftable : 我很高兴你喜欢它!Sorry if that is a bad translation I don’t much Chinese, but I’m glad you are looking forward to my little project!

@Dragos_Drakkar : Lol I hope you stick around to see my project grow and the girls too :flushed: !

@Parnash : Funni meme, and thank you for the complement about the title! That’s the one thing that I designed I suck at graph design lol :rofl: !

@maldy : Yeah the VN topic is getting a bit repetitive but I wanted to make it more heartfelt story and have strong dialog, storytelling and worldbuilding as well as big belly babes LOL. So its going to be LOOOOONNNNGGGG lol so far the script is around 55k plus words and around 110 pages so fair and that’s only the second or third arc in the story lol. And to answer some questions ya asked, its actually going to be in the first perspective and you taking the role of the main character. The story takes place after you graduate Uni and moving back into your home town and meeting up with a old childhood friend ( IK generic but still its a good trope lol) but upon seeing her you notice that she put on some weight and this brings out your fetish that you kept hidden for a while but you meet one of the characters who is feeder and helps you learn how to get the confidence to show it! There is different path ways you can take and find out which girl you like the most and can get in a relationship with them. There is also issues that each girl is dealing with and find out what it is can help you get closer with them and build a bond with them which is something I want to implements in the game sorta like a bond or friend tier system that allows you to gain more trust with them and gain more inches on their waistline :rofl: . So fair it’s a single romance with one girl of your choosing but the other girls get fat too so you don’t have to worry about that lol!

With that all it is very late here and I need to sleep before work tomorrow, I’ll post more on the individual girls tomorrow so you can get some background and ideas on their personalities


Saw a image a few hours ago for the VN. Reading the description here made it better. Team Spoon inspiration. Now I’m more invested to hear this game. :heart: :heart:

Man this really looks like it has some promise! Keep up the great work

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If you have an issue with the number of visual novels on the site, I’d hate to turn your attention to how many rpg maker games are on the site :laughing:. Another game in this niche fetish is always welcome to me. Especially one with great visuals.

@smugdotexe This looks great can’t wait to see where you and woomy take this. Good luck!


i won’t deny that their is also a lot more of those than visual novels for the moment

Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try it out.

This looks amazing and the characters are adorable!

I love all replys I been getting super excited for the feed back and like I promised heres more content for you guys

This is Abby she’s the quiet one whos on the bustier side :eyes: she’s more reserved then the rest of group and tends to seem cold and stand-offish but once you warm her up you can’t get her to stop talking!

Next is Olivia, she a bit of a brat and tends to think its her way or no way. She’s a bit bottom heavy and always hated that she never had much of a chest. she can be stubborn and prudish but one you get past her hard external shell you’ll find out she is soft at heart.

Now we move on to Zoe, she is your rambunctious athletic tomboy who is loud and proud of it! She is super Sporty and against weight gain so it for the people who like a challenge! Are you gonna be the one who can change her mind?!?!

Moving on we have Naomi, she is your childhood friend. You and her go way back all they way back to primary school. She was said that you left for college while she travel abroad but you tend to notice that she might have put on a few since the last you saw her.

Looking now at Ash, she is bit of mystery at first but you learn that she is a massive weeb and a huge nerd she know anything about any game you can ask her. But she knows your secret! She know your a feeder and is willing to help you in your journey!

Lastly we have Lilith, she is a big goth and loves all the dark and spooky cultures that comes with that. But she has a secret that you have to discover.

That’s all the girls for now. I’ll be coming back soon to show you guys some outfits for the characters themselves but right now I hope you guys enjoy the bit of lore for the characters!


I think my favorite has to be Ash so far, although Naomi reminds me of Haley from Stardew and that’s a very good thing!


Yeah, Haley is exactly the first person I was thinking when I saw her. Honestly hard to choose a fav for me right now. I’m loving the different looks styles and personalities. I think there’s something of every girl I want to see how it plays out. Which is great it definitely ups the replay value.

I’m usually a lurker but this is looking absolutely incredible so far! Do you have any idea of how many weight stages the characters will have? My favorites are Olivia and Naomi so far. Look forward to seeing more!

@fatlovethrowaway : Ash is super great she the only one starts with being chubbier and she only gets bigger :flushed: and on Naomi yeah some of her design is based off aspects of Hayley from stardew

@Krodmandoon : I’m glad you like their backgrounds! There is several different routs you can take in which girl you wanna be with and there is going to be sort of a bond system with each but you can only romance one atm, I might change it later down the line but who knows.

@cuppycake : So fair there is 6 stages with each girl and about 6 different outfits. BUT there is a secret mega stage you can get if you romance them to max but you’ll have to see for yourself. Also there is another special outfits you can get for particular events for each character but you have to have a certain bond level with them before you can see them!

I’m so glad so many people are liking my little project so far also time for the shameless pug but if you want to get to earlier access on update look for it on my twitter which I have more access during the day!

https://twitter.com/smugdotpng or https://twitter.com/smugdotjpggames which is my game dev account!

But more updates to come tomorrow which I’ll be posting some of the sketches of Naomi’s larger sizes!


Sounds great! Look forward to any future updates. Do you think you’ll be opening a Patreon for it?

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