Fetish Master: Mood

Hey so I’ve been messing around a lot with Fetish Master, including mods! It’s super fun, but without a wiki and limited topics, it’s incredibly difficult for new players to progress or learn about the game. I myself nearly gave up twice because I just had no clue what to do to continue a few quests. That being said, I’m going to start asking the questions that frustrated me when I almost gave up, and the main one is mood.

My biggest concern is my first proxy whom I made a milk machine, producing 50g/day. She started out happy, at 90+ but after a few thousand days she’s stuck at 44. I’ve tried breast play, she already loves her back-breaking tits. I’ve tried not milking her, she’s still unhappy. Exercise, sex, kitty mint, nothing seems to permanently raise happiness. I’ve even tried raising her lewdness via the strip club. Natta.

I think this problem has come up a few times in the past. In my experience playing with only one proxy eventually causes problems down the line, so I fixed this by simply getting a new proxy, preferably one that is the child of my main proxy.

Of course, this hinges on playing the games straight and not utilizing developer mode. At this point most of us tweak the games code a little to drastically shorten grinding and fetch-quest stuff. My favorite is modifying the “sport_atletics.tasks” file to apply to all base stats, and give more gains than just small amount you normally get.

There’s also a lot you can do by putting self.addStat codes in items and using them. Nearly every stat, basic or body related, can be modified with a self.addStat or self.subStat code.

Ah, at least it’s not just me being dumb, that makes me feel better. I could just use the proxy’s child, but I don’t want to go through the proccess of making her breasts huge again lol. I was trying to play it straight without using dev mode or messing with files, I genuinely enjoy the gameplay. I guess I’ll have to reconsider that stance since she’s almost at 30 mood and could leave any time. Thanks for the help!

In the base game there is a growing penalty to mood as time progresses. the idea is that this is a job for them and they would get bored of it over time and want to leave. It’s hard coded even.

Actually one of the nice things (gameplay wise) in my mod, is that i have existentially replaced that standard contract. So this thing doesn’t happen anymore with the next version of my mod…

Is the new version out, or close to coming out? I’d love to be able to keep my proxy longer.

It’s coming. Slowly. No ETA, sorry

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