Fill Me Up (Formally "Untitled renpy feedee game") December update now available free for everyone!

Honestly I was hoping the fox scene wasn’t just a tease and it would actually be a possible path in the game.


Not unless you count the magic stuff, which you can opt out of if it is not your cup of tea. Tsumugi is the only character whose height changes outside of that toggle right now. (Some of the models look bigger/smaller in some scenes but story wise Tsumugi is the only one.)

Yeah I want Akane to have some of what Tsumugi is having.

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I hope it does become a possible path

(This is a highly informative statement)



Most useless spoiler blur lmao


In regards to lewdness between women at the spa

have you never seen an anime? I feel thats the vibe that those scenes are trying to go for, the girls being quirky and pervy in a bathhouse type vibes you see in ecchi anime.


This looks phenomenal! But I have to say I’d rather see a teaser about an update to existing characters. Tsumugi is already a weird one to me, because she just appears randomly throughout the game and kinda chops up the pacing IMO.


any other download options beside mega? i cant download in mega

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hey bobo, what program do you use to design your characters?

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@bobothesecondtwo uses Blender for their characters.


thanks! I forgot about that post.

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I hope eventually its a bit more clear/natural in the early weight progression stages. I go to the club as normal, then I’m looking chubby by Chika in the heart-to-heart talk instead of going to the club despite going to the club, then Erika teases Akane, then Chika is surprised to see Akane so chubby… and they go to the club, again.


Is there a way to get everyone feeding only Akane?

not really, i mean the closest you can get right now is with just having the uni girls feed her, & Chika will end up fat regardless, and your going to have to choose if you want to rebound Erika or not and have Yui Get fat instead.

But i guess the only two who get that real choice is Nene & Rin at the moment but this might change in future updates but do not take my word on that

f then. I have two more questions tho if u dont mind.
How big the u can get?
Whats the best way to do that?

I did make a guide earlier in the post and as for biggest Akane can get right now is the transition scene for stage 6 and the end of the current version of the game (I won’t say how big but it certainly is making harder for akane to get up from bed) :wink:

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ooo… ok ty^^, i will look for ur guide then

Edit: I follow ur guide, and got akane have troubles with standing up of the bed. Is that the end or should i play more?

Edit: nvm i got the end msg xd


Hey, just wanted to say firstly that you have done an awesome job with the game so far! Absolutely looking forward to the next update:)
But I wanted to throw some ideas out there and see if it sticks, if any of these are too much or don’t appeal to you than just feel free too ignore me lol.
-When at the clubs, and you successfully manage to bring someone home, you have the possibility to get pregnant (inadvertently or not). Just another consequence of Akanes hedonistic personality.
-When meeting with the fox girl, have the ability for her to change the mc and have the change stick(either temporary or permanent) during usual activities (i.e cowgirl tf during school)
-so towards the end of the version I played, Akane has stared to refer to herself as a slob. So I would advocate to lean more into the slob elements going forward, like if she gets big enough and lazy, Akane starts growing more bodyhair(underarms, happytrail, etc) or maybe her and the other girls get a little gassy from eating so much?

Not to kinkshame bc we’re all degenerates here, but if that stuff is going to be added I’d appreciate if it was added with a toggle option so we don’t have to have it.