Filling up my roomates - small WG game (small intro update)

personaly i’m into bottom heavy girls so i wanted to include at least one with sarah but i do agree that especialy kalinas proportions are a bit iffy at times. a big reason for that was that im new to the software and making games in general.
The next 2 girls i have planed will be gaining more proportionaly.
but in general i dont want all girls to kinda look the same in the end, hence why i wont rework kalinas stages for now since she does look pretty unique in that way .
however i realy dislike heavy weight gain around the neck/face, like your picture, im not totaly against that (if the face is too thin it also looks weird) however i doubt it will get anywhere close to your profile picture if you where wondering


question will there be more weight stages?

In case some of you missed the update of the main post i updated the Intro of the game and put up a straw poll asking which type of game you would prefer (read the main post from EDIT for more info)
here is the poll again


Thanks for the update on the poll. It’s totally fine (and not a bad idea) to update the main post with certain elements like this. But for people that aren’t checking out the game for the first time. It’s probably a good idea to have info like this have its own post within the thread as well. Without you informing about the updated first post I know I wouldn’t have been aware.

Great to hear you found some help @Erronwolf has done some great work. I look forward to seeing the results of the poll (since they are not available to few publicly) good luck with development.


Pretty cool game you made here.
The girls look good, especially Sarah and her growing ass.
The weight gain stages are well implemented visually.

I wish to see the girls getting more content that differentiates them from the other, stories, locations and poses.
But i realize you put this game together is a really short amount of time so i can’t really wish for too much.

I can’t wait to see where you take this game in the following updates.
And maybe i could be of help with some Virt-a-Mate tips and tricks?(if so, feel free to message me)


Ok so i watched the poll on and off all day now and i dont think the results will change majorly anymore so i made them public.
i thought a bit more about what to do since the results are basicaly 50/50 and even if one side techinicaly is the winner i dont think displeasing the 49% to please the 51% is the best idea.
so my decision is:

meaning some girls will have linear stories with little to no decision making and some will have the player choice design. I think this also gives me the most freedom since i might have some ideas that might not work if i only do it one way.


Feel like this has a lot of potential! Honestly my biggest piece of advice of what to focus on (which a lot of people hinted at but didn’t quite get to) is narrative.

I would recommend to try and focus on building up stories with these characters, and make all the stories stand out (and maybe intertwine?) with each other, because that’s what’s going to tie everything together and turn this from a slideshow into a proper game.

Also, it might be worth adding more dialogue options for the player character. In a game like this, the only outcomes of these choices are speeding up the characters weight gain or slowing it down, and it makes the player feel a lot more involved, especially if it’s not obvious which choice is which.

Would also recommend adding as much stuff as possible to mark the characters progression- maybe when they go up a stage we see a close up of the button on their jeans being really tight, or we see them get out of breath… maybe the first few times you go on a date with them you walk past a hot dog stand before the date, and then when they start to get really fat they actually stop and order from there before carrying on. That sort of thing. Small, incremental (but noticeable) gains over a longer period of time are (in my opinion) far more satisfying.

Probably went a bit overboard writing all this, but just thought I’d offer my two cents. Think it’s fair to say we’re all looking forward to where this goes. Good luck!


One more idea- instead of having to choose between option 1 and option 2 for the poll, why not interchange them? Have something linear with a character every time they go up a certain amount of weight, as a reward for all the non-linear gameplay in between

sorry if it was unclear but what you just recomended is 1for1 option 2 ^^ even for the non linear character i was planing on adding some story event at least every 2-3 stages. the big reason why there aren’t any in this version is mainly because i suck at writing stories but thankfully someone is helping me with that now.
as for your other post i think those are some good ideas.
things like the tight jeans dont work in the engine though as far as im aware the cloths either wrap around the character or the character clips through them (which looks terrible)

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Seems like you have a good foundation in place.

A few issues with grammar etc still (if I’m spotting the they are screw ups because I’m crap at this stuff).

Also an unfortunate issue with it erroring during a number of bits in the diner I’m not sure quite what’s gone on but I managed to keep using the ignore function to push through them, but it does feel like I missed some stuff or story or something. It seemed being particularly bad when you got to the ordering from the waitress part of the diner trips.

Still the rest of it seems pretty solid and I wish you luck

Understandable, I know it’s pretty tricky working with this software (though unbuttoned jeans might still be possible?). Also my bad! Didn’t realise that’s what you meant for that option. Looking forward to seein where this goes

The main difference with the two options was actually the dialogue changes moreso than the other stuff.

The linear idea has a dialogue change every weight stage, aka about 2-3 dates between a change. The freeform version has a dialogue change every clothing change, which is roughly 9-12 dates.

And before you say that we could have combined the two: I may be a good writer but even I know about exponentially increasing workload that would come with having different locations with different dialogue per different stage.
The issue could be sidestepped by making the dialogues themselves sort of vague, but even in that case there would need to be a certain degree of variation between them.
For now we have decided to show off the two different variants using the two girls. Kalina will be developed with a more linear, per-weight-stage dialogue change structure, whereas Sarah’s style of gameplay will stay more akin to the current setup with a dialogue change every clothing stage.

This should clear up any questions or confusions about what each of the options entails. Showing both in action, so to say.


Nah it’s ok, to everybody their own, I’m not the type to make demads of others, it’s very unreasonable to want other creators to cater to your own tastes disregarding theirs; simply follow the creators with similar taste and you get what you are looking for. Live and let live lol.
As far as my profile pic goes it’s not that the weight gain is concentrated on the face, it’s simply that the girl is so absolutely f*ing huge that it’s what is proportionate for her :rofl:
That’s how I like it, if the girl is just curvy the face should look slim, if she’s chubby she should have a hint of a double chin, if she’s obese she definitely needs a fat face and if she’s a blob… well you get the picture

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Can’t wait to see more of this game!

is there discord server