Finally emerging from the shadows, with greetings

Hi all

A long time lurker here, I think it must have been since the start when the creator announced this forum. …The same creator of Heavy Dust, maybe?

I had a 1 year old unused account before, but wanted to start a fresh one. Anyway, now it’s the time to emerge from the walls after many visits. And It feels better with an introduction before posting stuff.

My name is Rawe and I like to draw heavy anthro stuff but also other things. Now I have more focus on 3D art. I really like creating stuff in blender and playing games.

I have always wanted to create a game where character weight can influence gameplay and be used in the gameworld. I have never created a game before, but I hope to start a project one day.

I plan on creating a post with some ideas for a possible game and some other thoughts I’ve had for a long time.

Thanks for reading and hello there, it’s nice to see and meet you all. And become a bit more active here. :slight_smile:


welcome! hope u enjoy urself here & more creators are always great

Must be hard to start anew.

Yeah, that’d be me. @grotlover2 is the current owner of the place though, he mostly keeps me around because he’s too kind. Regardless, welcome to the forums.

Thank you, yeah I indeed like it here. :smile:

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It was good to start a fresh account, I actually never used the old one. :slight_smile: Beginning to post an intro, that was difficult.

Awesome. And thank you for the welcome.

Welcome back! Happy to have you here with us and I look forward to seeing some of your ideas!

Thank you grotlover2 :grinning: