Finally Introducing Myself!

Hello! You may have seen me lurking about (especially in the Starbound Big Fatties mod thread) around this forum. I have finally worked up the courage to introduce myself, so hello! Prism is the name. I’m very attracted to female weight gain especially in the belly region >w>. includes any form of belly expansion stuffing and inflation!

I am very happy to try and be a bit more social on the forum.


it can be tough to introduce yourself to people, but we’re glad you did! welcome!

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I think we might get along very well comrade.

Hello Prism and welcome to the wg forum!

So you’re finally here…
Lurking, it’s true
Introduce yourself,
and have some food…

We’ll put our hands together
And start to clap
As we take you through,
This fetish rap…


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Welcome! Happy to have more belly lovers here with us lol

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