first project

Hello! it’s me, team f 726, they surely remind me of my youtube channel and if … I had to make a new account, I sincerely seek help to create this new RPG game of extreme weight gain, it’s just a demo and it’s in Spanish but I really need help, like … how to put pictures, how to put fat sprites, that.

here is the demo link


Extreme weight gain? How extreme are we talking here?

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you got me intrested i can’t read spanish but i could translate it for you
let me know

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i remember you

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Jinx is not that good at spanish, but is rather good at cleaning up messy translations.

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Hey F 276, Maybe I can help you a bit? I just did the Translation for Elfas Hambrientas and may be able to reverse engineer some of the Processes used there.
Also, I could help you with the Translation, since the other one turned out pretty good.

yes :v but here i need speack english dude

yes… that is a great idea

Only Problem is that Juan used a different Version of RPGmaker, and I can only buy your Version in like two days, can you wait that long?
After that I should be able to help you out, even though I’m not very experienced myself.

ok! the thing is that I can’t pay you …

Oh, don’t worry avout that!
I wouldn’t have asked you for any money anyway, I’ll take the Experience as payment enough.
(Who knows, maybe I’ll use it on a game of my own later on?)

Oh, that sounds great and yes, the experience can use it, I was impressed by the easy and fast I learned to use the RPG maker MV (download it pirate) so you should do the same instead of spending money: v

Well, do you have a discord to talk over there? :3

I do, as a matter of fact, but not a Mic, if that’s ok?
What’s your Username?

my username is Brandon924#5362

Aight, I sent you a friend request.