Food Frontline: a WG, Card Collector Game (Some progress update 07-10-2020)

You have problems with downloading the game?

This is all I’m seeing(I clicked the latest link in the development updates channel).

Ah sorry, I posted in #dev-updates that all latest test updates will go to the main game link, since very few people found the link to the test version

main game link? the one at the top of this thread?

yup thats correct.
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Some progress update:


Completed Implementation of a passive exploration system.

Each bottom rectangle represent a procedurally generated session of 30 seconds. Right now only the visual and terrain is random, I may incorporate terrain bonus to dolls in the future.

White means no enemy was encountered, yellow means some hostile resistance (+5-10 seconds delay), and red means major resistance(+15-20 sec delay). So for an example set duration of 30 minutes, there will be around 25-50% delay which means the exploration can finish anytime between 35-45mins.
You can reduce the chance of encountering hostiles (red/yellow) by using drones unlocked from research. Each drone provides different bonus in reducing encounter chance, or reducing encounter duration, but they cost extra fuel and explosives to deploy.
The rewards will be an abundance of calorie drops of different elements, combat data for training, and more…

Important: This is a passive system, you can always hop in to see how your dolls are doing, FF will keep track of exploration progress even if you close the game!

Research & Development

Unlocking different passive bonus and shorten duration of various facilities


Each level up allows a doll to be trained in one of 4 options. So a lvl 3 doll can be trained 3 times. Each training option has different costs and bonus/setbacks.

Item Shop (almost done)

Will provide very cheap coupons that allow you to skip the minigames (if you’re tired of playing them). Also other misc items. I’m thinking of making the item shop into selling gachas that gives random items instead, because i really wanna implement some kinda gacha mechanic without locking any major part of the game behind gambling :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s next?

Right now the game has all of the cool features I wanted when I planned the game. Hopefully I can make a full release this weekend (or next week) to publish this game as an actual full fledged playable game. But since there are so many new features, the number of bugs I haven’t caught yet is ∞. I’m gonna need a lot of play testers.

Hopefully Food Frontline will be the first (and hopefully not the last) fetish waifu collector game!


I think you do a fantastic job it look awesome :star_struck:

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Sorry I got distracted and worked on rendering new outfits and implementing gacha mechanics. Full release will have to wait for a week >.<

Just making sure, but you guys are all definitely 18+ right? There will be explicit/uncensored outfits

lol are people under 18 even ALLOWED on here?

I’m 26 btw.

Take youre time :+1: i look foward to the outfits :hugs:

Hey, it’s great to see you still have so many plans for this game and the last downloadable version shows a lot of promise. After playing a bit, I wanted to ask if some stuff I ran into are known bugs or if there’s something I’m missing.

In a number of maps (I can get reference photos later if needed), there are seemingly one-way paths, where you walk from one tile, but not backward. When these happen at dead ends, there’s not a real way to get that squad back other than retreating and redeploying at the cost of fuel, is this intended? I know the earlier maps have the backgrounds line up with the connections, so I sometimes get lost when those aren’t there.

In GFL, if you have a squad selected, but click off the map somewhere, it deselects the squad. Also, if you click on an HQ space, it asks whether you want to move or deploy there. For the resource map 1-2, if you move south in the first turn, it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to deselect the squad since the X button is off the bottom of the map/screen. Is there a way around this sort of issue that I missed?

In the First Expedition map, is there any way of reaching the SW-most corner? There seems to be an enemy stationed there, but no way to reach it. Also, is there a way to finish or clear that map? I defeated all of the accessible enemies but nothing happened, would one need to capture all of the points?

Also, since you made Food Therapy (I think), would it be possible to add in the mechanic on the “Listen” item that makes it glow when you get nearer to the target location? Currently the mini-game seems too precise/tedious to want to do for either repair or cleansing.

On that note, is there currently a way to get additional cleansing liquids that I didn’t unlock yet?

Anyway, sorry for the long post. Currently playing the itchio version, seems like you added a lot and fixed a skill dupe glitch that was in the last downloadable version.

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As mentioned in the FAQ, you must be 18+ to use this site. So everyone here is either legally safe or lying :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure why, but the game no longer has a download option and is not listed under the user’s games, only the food therapy is.

Something is causing a few issues as well. Most times there’s a pop up window with text, chrome gives an error message pop up I have to close first. An example is if the game is trying to tell me I can’t do something, it pops up a little box to close but it will cause chrome to give a pop up stating an error as well.

The cleanse doesn’t work because you cannot find the blockage, but the manual recovery version does work like it did before.

There’s been a few times when I started a mission and it said my squad was already placed but I couldn’t find them and I couldn’t try to play them. The only solution was to quit the mission and start it again and that usually worked.

There also seem to be a few issues with icons floating off like the bee hive. It will wander past the front line and disappear and it will cover something in the rewards screen, or at least there’s something under it, not sure which shouldn’t be there.

Is there a place to download a more stable version or has something happened? Because it doesn’t work quite right in a few places there didn’t used to be issues when I had it downloaded before.

Good work btw, just a few issues I’ve run into that I don’t see being discussed


I have exactly the same issues :frowning:

I apologize, the downloadable version is very outdated (~ a month ago) I will compile the latest version next major release)

Those are bugs/typos I made when making the map. I’d very appreciate it if you can list the bugged paths (which mission, area, …) in my discord.

Working on it, I’m not the best at making intuitive battle UI lol

I’m working on deselecting the squad when clicking outside.


The plan is dolls that exceed their exp bar will need to be cleansed before leveling up. Additional cleansing liquid such as hot chocolate cost more, but will fill up the exp bar for the next level by X% (not implemented yet)

Wait, what skill dupe glitch?

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It was too outdated, so I removed it for now.

Can you screenshot when that happens?

Thats a new glitch, what did you usually do in a previous battle? Something may have caused the squad lock to misbehave

Screenshot pls?

Nothing is stable right now because I just crammed like 20 new major features into the game. I apologize, but stabilizing everything will take some time.

Small Progress Update:

Added commander levels and profile

Task mechanic implemented. This will be the main way to get important resources

Shop is done

New Build Animation, added modification options when building a new doll (enable sound):
Mission Result Settlement Screen


  • New swimsuits and summer related furnitures will be available in the summer event.
  • New dolls
  • Game is completely unplayable right now because I’m refactoring the entire UI
  • Major Changes to the combat system, greatly reduce the hitbox size of monsters (allowing more enemies to attack at once and also increase the effectiveness of AOE skills).

Who is THAT cutie on the right, with the dual forks?

Miki, she was my first attempt at drawing some sci-fi clothes without relying on Koikatsu’s built-in clothes