Food Frontline: a WG, Card Collector Game (Some progress update 07-10-2020)

(not implemented yet) It will be used to produce new dolls , exchange for other resources, upgrade facilities (facilities slots such as recovery/production will be locked)…


really good work so far. keep it up and stay safe.

You too! I’ll get some updates out after this week’s finals.


:grinning: :+1:. happy to see that. ill be exited when its done.

Major Balancing Decision

Now that the prototype is taking more definite shape, I’m considering to drastically change the difficulty level of the game. My wish is for players to gradually have a good grasp of utilizing their squad compositions and overcome very large and aggressive battles. Now that everyones active skills are almost done, there will be an endless combination of squads and skills that can be used per battle. Each skill is really OP right now lol.

I’m going to implement multiple parallel campaigns (main campaign + exploration arcs), the difficulty levels of the missions of each campaign will increase quite drastically, requiring players to train their own squad, recruit a lot of new dolls to have a number of strong active squads to participate each mission.

To prevent grind fatigue, I’m going to create EVENT missions that appear randomly. Example events:

  • Rescue missions. (Get random new doll with lvls based on difficulty)
  • Defend allied base under attack

Each random event also have random difficulties, players will decide if they want to take risk (sometimes impossible risks) to get really good rewards.

Anyway, my main point is

I want to make mission battles very very hard, increasing spawn numbers and enemy special attacks. Forcing players to constantly go back and improve or try new squad combinations. Failures will happen often, with total squad wipe outs. What do you guys think?


  • Dolls active abilities are implemented, everyone is OP now and I want to make things more challenging.
  • Monster spawn rates will be doubled per mission
  • Exp gain rate halved
  • Stats gain per character level will be reduced
  • Resource cost to manufacture a new doll will be increased
  • Campaign difficulty will be increased greatly
  • New Event Missions will hopefully remedy grind fatigue

This is not a content update by the way, I’m just voicing my thoughts on the future of the game.


Next Content Update (Poll)

These features are in progress for the next major update (pre-alpha ==> alpha):

  • Active Abilities on all Dolls (90%)
  • Mission dialogues and content fix for main campaign (80%)
  • Greatly increased overall campaign difficulty (done)
  • Working save/load system (10%)

However, there are obviously too many other really cool content updates that I want to add. And I don’t have time to make all of them.

What would you want me to focus on (other than the above features) for the next content update?

  • New Exploration Campaign Arc (new enemies, maps, R18+ cut scenes)
  • Random Event Missions (See above post)
  • Chibi Dorm Facility (for gifting and interacting with your characters), Skill Training facility, Exploration Command Center (send squads to explore and gather resources passively)

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I’m working on balancing the build cost of each doll

Should I give them a fixed cost, or make a random gacha style where you input some resources and a random doll pops out?

Honestly… the randomness of gacha games are a bit obnoxious, I’d prefer it if we could actually CHOOSE who we construct.

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Random Building

I implemented both random building and fixed building cost. For random building, you can provide drops of an element (spicy, ice, …) to increase the chance of getting a doll of that element. Random building is cheaper than fixed building. Note: some elements has only one doll, so you can certainly exploit this (wink).

Dorm System:

You can place furniture, lights, wallpapers, and flooring into the dorms. Each item gives a comfort value. At 0% comfort value, dolls resting in the dorm will recover 1% health per minute, no affection gained. At 100% comfort value (1000), dolls recover 5% health per min, effectively fully recover in 20 mins without the need for the med bay (This will be useful in large battles where multiple squads are exhausted). Also affection rate will be maxed (I haven’t determined this yet).

Furniture Shopping:

Example Dorms:

Market Exchange

Provides a few simple resource exchange options. I’m thinking of making the market prices fluctuate over time so that players can take advantage of that and grind for specific resources to make more money

Lastly, the save and load system is 100% working. You can try the latest test version in the discord


Does the web version save work? I tried and it crashed the game lol
and seems that when I try to load said failed save, it also fails and says starting a new game :confused:

It should work, how did you save? The game should save automatically everytime you return to the main menu

I simply saved using the modify save button

Its working on my end. Can you try again and it it still crash, send me the contents of your save data?
Also I need to clarify, the game saves automatically, you dont need to modify your save data unless you want to keep backups or play around with the numbers (giving yourself infinite money, make invincible dolls, …)

I will…uh, how do I send contents of the data tho? do I use teh web console? can’t remmeebr how to do it >.<

Click on Modify Save Data button, select all of the text in the box (then ctrl-c to copy), and send the text to me (over discord preferably)

Alright. what’s your discord?

Its better if you join my : discord server

Erm… you said we could download the latest test build, but…

You have problems with downloading the game?

This is all I’m seeing(I clicked the latest link in the development updates channel).