Forgot to introduce myself

I’ve been participating in the discussions on this site for some time now, but I never introduced myself until now. I didn’t know if it was right for me to do so, since I don’t have any games to share with you all. For that matter, I have no experience making games whatsoever.

What I (think) I do have, however, is writing ability. Although my only credentials are comments on this site and my free time is limited by a full-time job, I would be more than willing to help out anyone looking for writing assistance. Be it scenes, dialogue, or simple proofreading, I’d be happy to lend my skills.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about trying to make something like a Twine game, just to set a benchmark. It wouldn’t have to be very long or sprawling, just enough that I have at least some credibility. Even if the end product is still tailored to my own preferences and fetishes, please feel free to make any suggestions. Should it center around a character from popular culture? How much explicit sex do you want to see? And so on.

It’s always good to have more members, don’t feel like you have to be a game maker just to be useful, feedback and discussion will always be useful and welcome!

As for some random themes that wouldn’t go on for too long that I came up with:

  • You’re stuck in a haunted house and are trying to get out.
  • You’re on a 1 month experimental diet, and things go wrong.
  • You’re trying to gain as much weight as possible, but you’re poor so you have to be smart about it.
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Welcome! Happy you took some time to introduce yourself to us.

Intros are fun to go back to!

Here are a couple of my suggestions, since you asked~

  • Pop-culture characters are quick shorthands for description and personality; I like making up new characters, myself!

  • Sexually explicit stuff is fun if the player expects it; don’t spring it out of nowhere, and there will be plenty of interest one way or the other~

  • Science fiction games seem rare, for some reason! I’d love to see more~

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The 1 month experimental diet idea sounds pretty cool! I think someone should make a game based off of this!

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