Forks: A Weight Gain Visual Novel (Ren'Py)



This is excellent work so far! there is so much potential with this and I hope you can finish it someday.


Thanks again, everyone. Especially @cheddar, you’ve given me a lot of insight into what needs to be done and redone to best realize Forks going forward.

Would you believe, due to our schedules, that everything you see here ultimately took a year to concept and put down*? We’ve talked a lot today about where to focus our time, and concluded that more Forks was going to take a while.

I’m SO glad that even this rough cut was enjoyable. Future’s uncertain, but when there’s more to post, I’ll put it up!

*It’s true! For example, here’s a look at how Alex and Grace progressed during development: image

Whole game went through as many iterations, haha.


Had to register here to follow this project better. I found it on BBW-chan and that place is such a shithole. But anyhow. I played the demo and this project has much potential. I like the way that this is more of an VN with weight gain theme than just plain fap-material that is made to look like VN. Keep the story going strong.

As mentioned already here and on bbw-chan. The amount of text needs slightly tidying up. As less can be more when you cut some excess line away that does not serve any purpose nor bring anything to the story.

I also hope there is going to be more points where player can make a choice. Not all of them need to divert the story, some could just change they way what sort of response you get to something.

Since someone mentioned Pateron I would too be interested to give monetary support to this project. You don’t often see this projects with this good quality and even more rarely they end up even in demo-phase.


This is looking fantastic from the screenshots! Excited to give it a shot, but it looks like the download links are down for me. Is there a mirror somewhere?


So for its been a great game, I really love how creative it is and the story is great ^^
I can’t wait to see more from this game in the future, keep up the good work!



Hi, I’m new here and I heard of this game on Feabie and I wanted to try it out. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and I’m not super tech savvy. Do I have to download a specific app to play the game? I’m not a gamer either, so forgive my ignorance. I tried downloading it, but I seem to need a certain app (not sure what) to open it. Can someone please help me?


@Tjpbeatles It should be a standard .zip that Windows can handle, though if not I use Bandizip. You’ll want to extract everything from the zip to a new folder (any folder you like), and then play the executable (.exe) from there.


hey i just played the game and i loved it i cant wait to see improvements as you go forward with this project i really like your one character grace she just really clicked with me if i have to give any criticism it would be that some things drag on maybe a little to long but thats just my opinion i really cant wait to see whats in store for this new project i wish you the best and you have my full support


Will there be a patreon?


I read through this, and I’m really excited to see where this project will go in the next update. I have a question though, will there be any surveys or polls in the near future to gauge what the community desires to see implemented? I find polls like that fascinating, and useful when working on a project.


will there be any surveys or polls in the near future to gauge what the community desires to see implemented?

I hope the developers don’t do this. This is a story based game, and any polls that determine where things go will ruin some of the surprise. Plus, I’ve found that designs based on the desires of the player base tend to unbalance and homogenize a game, degrading the gameplay (apparently this is happening with Fortnite right now? Heard from a friend, as I don’t play this game). I strongly prefer that the developer have a strong vision and follow that to a finished game.


I agree with this. Suggestions are good but the developers should not too much rely on those.


Hmm, that does make sense


Not currently, I don’t want to start one until I can guarantee regular updates. Between work and Unity, we’re all still swamped :sweat_smile:

Nope! Last survey (thanks to everyone who sent one in :smiley:) gave us a clear picture of where to go next, once we’re able to.


Gotcha, thanks for the response. Good luck with the devleopment, and take care of yourselves! Nobody wants you to burn out lol :+1:


Hope your still working on the game best of luck


Thanks, didn’t realize it’d nearly been two months since the last update!

For now, we are grinding to get work done. Burnout absolutely happened >_>. Seriously, I get why ambitious WG projects like this tend to fall apart; it’s become increasingly apparent that I won’t be able to write the 3 main routes + extras within a reasonable timeframe, so I’m seeing if there’s a way to pivot towards a single narrative. FoxFire’s also gotten rolling with the Unity RPG, so much so that neither of us have touched the Forks build since March. Unfortunately, I can’t promise any solid progress beyond the tiny teaser, though I’ll post it if we get it done.

Here is something that got done, a celebratory Fat Alex by FF! It’s to get an idea of what she’d look like in-game at larger sizes.


Depends what you call a reasonable timeframe. A branching narrative 's timeframe varies depending on how it’s implemented, but I would say 3 years can be very much ‘reasonable’. I would not shy away from extending the development period if that’s what’s required to produce a product you like.

As for ‘how many branches?’, that’s an interesting question. You can always add more paths via updates/dlc.

What does a ‘single narrative’ entail? A single perspective? A single path? I don’t think too many will complain about the former - trying to juggle characters sounds like a nightmare. But strict linearity has always felt to me as being a waste of the format. Then again, I’m the sort of person that can enjoy text-only games. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a bunch of tricks you can pull to have a branching narrative but still manage the number of assets needed.

Let me know if that’s something you’d like to discuss offsite, I’d be happy to chat about it.


Glad to see you guys are still working on Forks, and I hope you guys can fight the burnout :+1:


Nice to see an update from you guys once again and i hope you can still manage to make this game to it’s fullest potential while fighting the burnout

Though i do have to ask a few questions out of curiosity @Tron and without too many spoilers

How big where you planning to make each character potentially and if you had planned to make them bigger or different than they are now currently?

After playing games such as (Not on this site at all but found on TFgames if anyone here has checked that site) Press-Switch and-or Transfer Student if any other games inspired you with ideas towards current project plans.

And lastly how much of an knock on effect will the main cast weight gain/loss will have on those around them i.e Fellow students teachers etc.