found a game on pivix


Is this site like a patreon? Like do we need to purchase the game, right?

Fanbox is more of the patreon/Ko Fi part of Pixiv

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so how do we play this?

click to jump, bounce on the boxes, hold click and aim at an enemy box then release to attack. The boxes with arrows on them signify that they can attack.

Certainly was an interesting game, but I had no idea what was going on half the time. It’s like a weird ground smasher thing with a fat bunny girl and that’s about it

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Certainly first time I’ve seen a game like that

Is there anything else to do besides smashing boxes?

I think that’s all. From what I can tell it was a gamejam game, so of course there wouldn’t be much in it in terms of game content.

don’t think so i’ve tried looking more into the game and didn’t find anything and i can only read portuguese and english