Free Cities and Preg Mod

I’m honestly surprised this game hasn’t made an appearance on here before. Its been around for a number of years and is extremely well made. Free cities is a slave management game set in a post apocalyptic world. You play as one of the new free cities’ leader and try to reshape society. But with sex slaves of course.

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It was started by FC_Author back in 2015 and received updates up until January of this year where it seems to have been abandoned. In the base game you can force feed slaves till they’re fat and you can milk and breed them. You can do a huge amount in the base game including bimbofication, slave fighting, ect. You can either be harsh and feared or gentle and loved, there’s quite a bit you can do in the base game, but fat content is somewhat limited.

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Since FC_Author seems to have abandoned the game, a mod called Preg Mod has come out which includes a huge amount of new content. The fat content is much better, and slaves weight can range from emancipated to immobile. Descriptions of obese slaves are pretty good, and as a societal goal, you can mold your city to like gluttony and indulgence. Obviously pregnancy related content is the key feature of this mod, but it does much more for many other kinks and fetishes as well.

-PregMod:(pregmodfan / fc-pregmod · GitLab)

Once you download it, it just runs in the browser.
Happy slaving.

Edit: That third link is all you need, the whole game plus pregmod is in that gitgud. The link to the base game is just for anyone interested in playing the vanilla.


I have used the preg mod quite a bit and can confirm it’s pretty good for fat content

That is good to know. Do you have to download the base game before the mod, or can I just download the pregmod and be ready to rock and roll?

Just the mod. Download then extract the mod, run the compiler and check the bin folder for the game- “FC_pregmod.html”.

I tried it out for a bit but it’s not for me.

No you can just download the pregmod. That’s the whole thing.

soooo fat mods possibility?

I’m sorry, but I’m stuck trying to figure this out. Which of the five “compile” files do I need to run? Which program do I use to run it? I tried running the one labeled “compile” using Firefox, but nothing shows up in the “bin” folder besides the .gitignore file.

I think you have to open the compile file (not the windows batch) with a web browser. Then the mod just appears in the bin and is executable. But Also there’s probably a better way, I just don’t computer to this extent very often

Run the compile.bat file (for windows) then look in the bin folder for a HTML file you can open in your browser.

Run the compile.bat file (for windows) then look in the bin folder for a HTML file you can open in your browser.

Thanks, that worked.

I realize this might not be the place to ask this question, but is there actually a goal to Free Cities? Gone through the rebellion, gone through the arcology “war.” Is there anything else?

I mean while there are events in the game to play though, a lot of it is a sandbox to play around in.

There isn’t really a specific goal to the game, its pretty open ended. Like Juxtaterrestrial said, its pretty much a sandbox. In the PregMod game creation menu, you can select some other mods, like cyber force, aswell that add more game content and some end game situations. I haven’t gotten super far into the end game so I can’t really say if there’s more after all that or not.

It would be awesome if someone in this community decided to take this on as a mod project! Honestly wish I could but I don’t have the knowledge or time to learn how to do this.

Thank you so much for finding this… I’ve been playing it a godly amount ever since this post was put up. I absolutely love this game and wish it was still being worked on

Anyone know how the broodmother implant works? I unlocked it, but then it keeps saying ‘your slaves body cannot support becoming a broodmother’ whenever i open the surgery menu. This happens when they are perfectly healthy, have no current pregnancies, and indeed do not possess any features which should interfere with the implant…I think. As the in game Wiki has no comments, I turn to my fellow players for answers.

Would absolutely love more fat/weight gain related content.

Unless I’m just stupid and have a hard time finding it

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how do i play the mod on Android because i downloaded on Android but i can only play normal version because i dont know how to add mod

There’s stuffing content hidden in the wardrobe.
When you go the penthouse and open the wardrobe in the sidebar you can unlock some stuffing content.
Which results in weight gain and more Porn publicising options.
Also when you have high enough reputation or follow the hedonistic future society you unlock some solid snacks that are very addictive. Carefull not to just spam buy the upgrades here (in the pharmacutical fabricator) as there’s and upgrade for diet snacks that remove the weight gain.

If anyone can give me some advice, how do you build and maintain reputation in this game? Outside of certain semi-random events, I can’t find any way to combat my constantly declining reputation. The game keeps telling me that I should be hosting social events, but I can’t figure out how to do that.