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This adds some more weight gain elements to Free Cities + PregMod. It’s a result of my tinkering with the source as I looked at how the Twine/SugarCube/Tweego build process worked.

Specifically it adds “Glutton” as a behavioural quirk that you can develop in a slave. Perhaps predictably gluttons overeat and really like being force fed, leading to eventual immobility. They advance the Hedonistic society. There’s a corresponding corporate setting to produce overfed slaves for sale. There are also a number of bug fixes that I made along the way.

Download: (use the Download button on the top right of DropBox)

It should be compatible with saves from the version of preg mod describing itself as “version 0.10.7 mod version 1.5.X build 1038”.

How to train your glutton: (spoiler hidden for those that want to experiment)

The first step is to acquire the “stress eater” behavioural flaw. This can happen in a large number of ways, but the most reliable is to use your personal attention to induce “gluttony”. Another way is to just start force feeding them (buy the necessary kit from the wardrobe), but there’s a chance here that they may get the anorexic flaw which you will have to fix.

Flaws can be softened (or fixed, meaning removed) by your head girl or by yourself turning them into permenant quirks. Some slaves will become true gluttons, but more likely they will develop the “fitness” quirk. If you want to stop the head girl fixing or softerning flaws use the manage head girl options, or move the slave to another facility. Keep forcefeeding a stress eater food or milk and they will develop into a glutton.

“Fitness” isn’t a dead loss here. Just keep force feeding them food or milk. They will eventually give in to the hedonistic lifestyle too.

You may not want your “special slaves” (the ones who have management type roles) to be gluttons as their eventual immobility will remove them from their job.



Huh, I thought that was already a thing, considering that the last time I played my “School Girl” was a glutton that gleefully stuffed herself without me doing anything.

And hey, the immobility thing isn’t a problem. Just keep cycling your girls through their “jobs” and up to the master’s suit when they get too fat to work. :smile:

A slave can have a single behavioural flaw or behavioural quirk, and a single sexual flaw or a sexual quirk. These are separate from the fetish development and paraphillia.

There’s a behavioural flaw called “stress eater” that causes slaves to overeat which is probably what you saw. When you “soften” this flaw in vanilla preg-mod it turns into the behavioural quirk “fitness”. Most of the flaws turn into opposite quirks. The quirks are sticky, so if you aren’t careful the slave starts to have issues with being overfed for the rest of the game, which didn’t sit well with me.

Having “glutton” as a quirk in my version makes it possible to have the overeating sticky. It also gives a way for fitness fanatics to be converted into gluttons - which doesn’t happen for any other quirks.


Have you considered putting this on the Git for addition to the base mod? It would be a great addition to the main branch.

Were any text or additional descriptions added? Or does this use the regular preg mod descriptions for stuffing and what not?

Seconding. I think there’s a good chance of the merge going through, especially if there’s other fixes. Being able to take the raw mods and compile them together with git releases would be pretty neat, even if it didn’t get in.

I kinda wish it wasn’t associated with 8chan tbf.

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can i play this game on android?

How do you set personal attention to gluttony?

@blargballs, @cheddar: I agree, and if I’d thought that my tinkering was going to be in any way complete I’d have gone this way to start with. Also the old github repository I knew about has been deleted. I’ve found the replacement now on (edit: I didn’t spot that the forums made that into a link so it now links to the actual repo there). I’m in the middle of cloning the repo as I type - it make take some time. But not as long as repeating the work I did!

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I suppose, technically, yes. It’s just an HTML page and Android/Chrome can handle those.

However it is a 40MB web page filled with images, vector art, and javascript. Running it needs 200MB or so - it’s noticeable on my Alienware laptop. Also it is expecting a desktop style display. I tried it using Firefox’s responsive design tool and it might just have enough screen space on a Kindle Fire or similar. I wouldn’t even bother trying on a phone screen unless you’ve excellent eye sight and a stylus to pick out the links.

Select the slave for your personal attention, scroll back to the top and choose “Induce a flaw: Gluttony”. These options are context sensitive, so there are conditions where it’s no longer possible.

I don’t know how to give personal attention to a slave

Ahh, I see, you need the “Change Plans [A]” option from the main screen. It’s either at the bottom (default), the top, or both (change in Game Options [O], “Main menu leadership controls displayed”) of the list of slaves. Click on the Change Plans link or press the “a” key. Then scroll down and click on the slave’s name.

Sorry, missed this one.
It’s mainly an adjustment to the mechanics with some of the flavour text subtly changed.

for some reason dropbox is not letting me download this mod, as in there’s no download button near the top right or anywhere on that page, and if i click anything it loads up a broken link image and tells me to try again later.

did dropbox change their services so that you need to sign into an account to download anything for free? I’ve never had this problem before hand

Not that I know of. I opend the link in a private window, there’s a login pop-up. At the bottom click “No, thanks. Continue to view”. At the top right there’s the download drop down, choose direct download.

how do i individual select a character for clinic?

fir the limit rapid gestation agents to selected slaves only

how so i select someone for that

How would I go about adding custom images? I tried using the custom images in game but they never showed up when I selected them.