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yea I figured it out, I had to turn off my ad blocker for the page to fully load


I think I’m done putting the changes made into the latest FC_pregmod. I’m currently testing it, but thought it could benefit from a wider test.

This is forked off the main FC_pregmod development branch, not a release so it may well contain other bugs not related to my mod. There are certainly visual and play differences in the rest of the game. The corporation is radically different. I’d suggest unpacking this file in a separate place to any game you have going with the previous version and not trying to import a save from that version (the WG bit will import and convert, but the bits from the base game don’t).

Download: FC_pregmode_wg

Please let me know of any strange behaviour if it seems related to the WG stuff.


I’m really not sure if this is one question or three. It would help a lot if you put the whole question(s) in a single post and read it through before hitting reply. Forums aren’t instant messaging.

You transfer a slave to the clinic using the “Transfer to:” links below the slave’s name in a list of slaves, or from the links in the slave’s page, or from the clinic itself.

If the clinic isn’t applying rapid gestation by default you have to select it on a slave by slave basis. Click on the slave’s name, scroll down to the bit about contraception, and click on fast gestation.


I’ve never tried to do this, as I usually go for the vector art option as it scales better in some aspects rather than having discrete steps. Checking the code it seems to be looking in a folder called “resources” at the same level as the .html file.