Freelancers - A cyberpunk management game

I’m still in the early stages of this project, but

It will be a real time management game focusing on caring for the needs of a live-in “business” (Colony? Harem?) venture in a cyberpunk future where a common agreement is “freelance” work. A freelancer” is someone who voluntarily engages in a contract where they both work for and are cared for by another legal entity in exchange for low cost housing, basic necessities, etc. Most freelancers are engaged in more favorable of contracts; they can leave whenever they want under any circumstances for a better one. Of course, the more desperate may have a conditional requirement, or a time restriction where they can’t terminate it early without huge fines. A big focus is going to be on the relationships and wellbeing of your Freelancers. You’ll construct a facility that caters to theirs (or your) interests while providing adequate job opportunities. Of course, if you have ulterior motives, they can be manifested via various training, dietary, or medical regiments or less savory of job choices. After all, sex sells and there’s a high demand for it. On top of this, affluence in the city itself can be useful. Get involved in shady bio-modding rings to cater to a more exotic clientele, Perhaps you can swing regulations in your favor or even take power yourself. Maybe zero terms contracts aren’t as out of reach as you think…

I’ve started a weekly devblog that will update on fridays here:

Join the discord here:


Cos nothing screams “punk” like management simulation, haha. :rofl:

Jokes aside, it sounds promising. Gives me a FreeCities vibe, just with freelancers instead of slaves. I dig it.


This has potential at least this hound thinks so

One thing I really hope for is different starting personalities. Fetish Master the same starting stats mindwise every time.

Harems? Taking power for myself? Free Cities-esque setting? sign me up


I have to say, this sounds genuinely intriguing. I look forward to whatever comes of it, because I think you’ll be able to do a cool thing with this.

Reading this brief summary gives me a “Freecities minus the sex obsession” and I am all for that! Looking forward to your progress.


hardly the first person to say it, but free cities vibes? im all in. very much looking forward to this. good luck!

Free Cities is definitely a big inspiration, and yeah a bit less outrageously sex obsessed of a setting.
I want a big focus to be on personality and creating unique stories, so think like rimworld meets the sims meets free cities


Free Cities that doesn’t make me feel like a complete deranged degenerate sounds like perfection itself.


that sums it up pretty perfectly, free cities is really good for fetishy and genuinely fun gameplay but damn if it doesn’t make me feel gross for playing it. all for a game where we can get those same kind of vibes without goin off the deep end with it


new blorg: Freelance Friday #2 - Plebian Softworks


Another update, this time featuring REAL (underwhelming) GAME FOOTAGE


Underwhelming? Smoothing and group dynamics genuinely fascinate me. I stared at those gifs for more than I care to admit.


I forgot to bump with the last blorg so here it is

This one is more boring than the last, no fancy videos. Some setting info though.


It’s much less fancy that it seems, trust me. Probably more of a headache to get the nice rounded movement than it will end up being worth.