Fruit Gal

This is the first project DoubleCap Productions will provide.

A corrupt company selling candies with dangerous chemicals is profiting off the public’s ignorance. Only one short, agile gal was brave enough to squeeze through the vents and attempt to collapse the corporation from the inside out… even if she has to use a taste of its own medicine.

Fruit Gal is a puzzle platformer adventure where our agile protagonist must use proportion-inflating candies to change her figure that will help her reach the core of the company she wishes to collapse.

A demo will be released in time, which will include 20+ playable stages and three types of body inflation.

See you then.



If you’re interested in production, updates will be posted here, along with more details about the mechanics and what to expect.

Fruit Gal will make herself known when she wants to.


Fifteen likes in just a few hours… intriguing.

I suppose the public deserves an award. So, here are some screenshots from the current build of the game.

DoubleCap Productions thanks you for your support and patience.