Futuristic Weight Gain game idea

I have an idea though I still need some idea on where to apply it, maybe some one here can help.

Here is the story: It is a time far flung into the future, however it anything but peaceful. Due to the actions caused by a group of individuals, the world has now become a dystopian hell hole (something like 1984, but without the extreme amount of cameras in place yet more futuristic). With any attempt to fight the powers at play impossible, any hope to reclaim it is lost… or so it seems.
As it turned out you managed to create a time machine that allows you to go backwards into the past to escape the horrors of your timeline. Sadly knowing full well of what will happen you decide to then change the past to hopefully alter the future to a better tomorrow. Problems arise immediately as you can’t kill them or force an idea on them as either can change the future though not in how you want it to be. The only plan that can work is maybe change the ancestors in the past to then have a domino effect on those who ruined the world to change them into something better. Considering their obsession with perfection, maybe a little weight can go a long ways to alter that ideal.

So basically you can go back into time and try to manipulate events to have the ancestors of the group (still wondering if it should be three or more) by having them gain weight which will then snowball somewhat on their descendants. When a change occurs the future will also slightly change, with not only the figure you are focusing on being heftier than before but the world’s situation may also improve as well. I also want to incorporate a sort of puzzle solving aspect of it by going through one era to either obtain an item to use in another or to change a current event that is happening right before your eyes.
The main issue is I don’t know the type of game engine to use, whether Quest or Twine would be more helpful or maybe use Scratch in order achieve what I want. What ever the engine is I am hoping I can make this very easily accessible to everyone.


Seems like a pretty neat idea! I will definetly keep an eye on any updates on this idea.

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Should defiantly be carefully made .time travel based games if done poorly can be very very confusing
and would the weight gain only be the targets or player as well?

Well the idea is to have the targets gain weight, though I am having some ideas whether to include the protag in the fun.
The time travel aspect at least from what I am thinking is more akin to Chrono Trigger, just to simplify it as best as possible (though I am thinking to have a an effect due to your meddling in time on your surroundings, but this isn’t fleshed out yet).


Point and Click Adventure Game
That’s the genre that came to mind.

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Hmm hadn’t thought of that, yet I’m not exactly the best artist in mind and I lack the funds to do such a thing. I will consider it though, just need to practice it until I get it.

This could also work well as a text-based. Would it be more feasible to do that, then add art at a later date?

Hmm. It would be interesting to have something notify you if you’ve been able to alter the timeline, or it’ll be something you’ll need to discover yourself by traveling forwards. A Chrono Trigger time travel basis sounds pretty cool, overall.
One idea I had while reading is that if the descendants are to be convinced to gain weight for the snowball effect, Perhaps the protagonist’s weight will come into play as well. Such as convincing one family that bigger is better, but on the other hand, it could also be detrimental, such as one of the families will ignore your advice/attempted tampering if you’re too fat, thinking beauty is still with fitness and such.
Another idea, if you were able to create a time machine, what about the possibility of others in the dystopian future creating time machines of their own? There could always be room for a sort of rival trying to stop your meddling.
It’s a pretty cool idea overall, and it’d be interesting to see it expand into something more.

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I like the idea of having the protagonist being able to make decisions where the decisions either make it so everyone in the future is fatter, only that antagonist for that section gets fatter, or only the protagonist gets fatter, but you aren’t informed which decision does which, so you have to guess and see what happens when you return to the future.

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I’m thinking text adventure may be the for sure fire way to do it as I can set up how the story will progress or flow. Having art would be definite plus, but again I can’t fund nor make said art (though like I said I just need to practice).

That would a cool idea to implement, probably along the lines that to achieve your future you need to do it in these steps or else the possibility is lost (kind of like in Becky’s Binge or Anna’s Wedding, your weight is determined by how much you eat yet needs to be done in a certain order).

That might be a bit too grand (although an interesting idea to consider), if I had a better handle on coding and story telling then it could work. Maybe if it turns out well then I could try to figure how to add a rival but in the current stage nothing like it exists.

This is what I am hoping to pull off, as while the protag has an idea how to influence they don’t know whether it will work or not. In a sense I want that to be the charm of the game, where once the protag returns they will see whether their efforts did cause change.
I will admit I am still trying to flesh the game out before committing to a specific engine, but I am hopeful I can create this.

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the only thing I would currently add as a idea is a in game reset. I mean you have the time machine it could set everything back to a set point even your weight but only by going back before you had the weight. you would still remember things but know might be able to do them

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That would be good idea, though I would like for some things to be permanent. I will still consider this though, it may help with trying to find new paths or even a save system if needed.

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I just had a likely both Dumb and Awesome name idea. (its more likely just dumb) Weight of time. waste of time weight of time

Not a bad name, I will be considering this along with some other names I’ve been bouncing around.

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I just had the idea for another possible title, “Time Weights for No One”

I like idiom based puns :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: