Gain Factory, weight gain factory builder!

You can right click the orange box while holding an item to put it in, left click to take it out, and shift left click to take out the product once it has been crafted. It will start crafting automatically when it has the required items.

alright, its all coming together, thanks!

little messy but im proud of my little doohickey thingamajig

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Some items require specific machines to craft, make sure it says (or inventory)

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anyone know how to grow the giant purple mushrooms?

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You have to turn them into spores first. You can do so in the inventory or in the mixer.

oh gotcha. thank you!

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I don’t know if this game is still being updated, but I’d appreciate if the furnaces were easier to work with. The fact that some items required for recipes are also fuel sources is really annoying.

I am still working on the game, but I don’t plan on changing the ovens.

I really like this game. Currently I am in an “industrial fever” and pretty much any game about building a giant, automated factory to produce insane amount of material is going to be appealing to me (especially if the factory is producing food, AND THEN have it fed to someone), but even ignoring that this may be one of the better games on this site. The fact that it is made neither in RenPy nor RPG Maker is by itself deserving of praise. The gameplay is very fun, and it is very rewarding to see a big contraption taking materials from multiple sources work correctly and seamlessly.

I think that the only major problems with this game is how when zooming out, the interface and text also become smaller. This makes it hard to read text, see which items I have in inventory, and overall just makes hitting the buttons a lot harder.

One thing I was wondering about is if the behaviour of ovens/mining rigs when idle is intended or not. Ovens burn fuel even if there is nothing being burnt in them, but mining rigs only use it when they’re mining material.

If I were to have any suggestions, it would be to change the behaviour of ovens so that they don’t share inventory slots between fuel and stuff that is to be cooked. I noticed that different recipes have a different melting time, with the difference often being small enough to be between very hard and impossible to adjust using spliters, but big enough to lead to the oven either running out of fuel or being clogged with it. An alternative solution to redesigning ovens inventories would be to create an interface in which we can set up what resources we want the machine to take in what amount, although I guess this would make logic gates somewhat redundant.
Another would be to make long funnels have adjustable size just as conveyors, as it would make them really useful in reducing the amount of material lying on conveyor belts between different machines close to one another. Right now they’re really inflexible and only really usable when transporting items insanely long distances.

But overall, I think this is a great game, and have enjoyed playing it very much. Keep up the good work!


Bumping this again.

Same question as last, really. Automating mushrooms. Is it doable?

Because you need to grind them, check.
This produces three spores, which automatically produces three more mushrooms, meanings you immediately cap out on space for any additional mushrooms, so you’d need to create a split funnel system, to take at least two off into a furnace or storage outlet. Preferably a storage outlet, that lets out to an actual furnace, and finally into one last storage outlet, or to an assembler to make mushroom based products.

Am I missing anything?

I mean, that’s pretty much it for automation for shrooms, just gotta grind them and use the spores to plant more. Be careful with a split funnel is all since if one side can’t eject, it will back up the funnel until there is space on that one side. To avoid this, you could just have to standard funnels (If I recall correctly, it does split between two funnels normally) or you could run all the spores past the pots with funnels grabbing them off the belts from the side when there is an empty spot that then feeds into a storage crate.

The split funnel has 2 different modes. One where it backs up like you describe if one side fills up. And another mode where it alternates between the two sides as normal but once one side fills up it outputs all the extra to the other side until it fills up too.

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Yes mushrooms can be automated.

here is an example of my factory automation spores to make bread

I would like to point out that you do not need 2 harvester setups. you can do it with one.

Basically what is happening here is I am sending the mushrooms to storage and funneling them directly to a mixer. From the mixer I am FIRST sending the spores back into the plant pots by using a funnel off the side of the conveyor. What doesn’t get picked up by the funnel continues down the conveyor to my storage. Then I ship the spores out to make bread.

I’ll try to answer your logic gate question.

You have to mark a location and anytime there is an item at the marked location then the gate will activate. I don’t think they activate any other time but I could be mistaken.

They absolutely can be used to wall off planters but you should keep in mind the pickup range of a filter funnel. if the logic gate is too close to the funnel then the funnel will just pick up the item from behind the gate. To fix this you need to “wall” farther away from the funnel.

you should check out Kormorn posts about automation as he does a good job explaining gates and automation.
Automation Example

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Thank you. :relieved: Helps a lot. I’ve got a weird thing with language, so if things aren’t as hyper specific as possible, I -will- fumble because I end up taking them to linear conclusions lol.

Okay, I don’t know if this is a common problem, but I am having trouble automating the milk pump. Can anyone help?

You know. Thought I was going batty for a moment, or that I had stumbled upona particularly jarring new learning disability for myself.

what I think is actually HAPPENING is just a really unfortunate interaction with hardware and coding. Ah. As it turns out. Depending on monitor and screen conditions, item placement may not actually line up with what’s visually output on the screen, leading to a systemic sort of guessing game where you have to kind of figure out where and when the game is actually detecting an item.

Now. This could be conveyor belt related nonsense. This could be amd graphics nonsense. I am not about to try and figure it out. Good game. Unfortunate glitch for me.

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Thank you!

For the UI becoming small when zooming, the zooming was kind of a last minute addition, and at the time I didn’t have the time to properly implement it, but making it work properly is on the list of things I want to do for the next version of the game.

The oven is supposed to burn fuel when idle. I plan on making smelting time of recipes less varied in the next version. Instead of having smelting times that are slightly different between recipes, I think I’ll make all recipes take the same amount of time. Maybe some recipes taking exactly twice as long or something.

Adjustable funnel length is a good idea, and I have been thinking of doing it, but for sprite compatibility between versions, I have been putting it off for a bigger update.

Thank you again for the feedback, it is very appreciated!


The milk pump can only milk if the cowgirl has her bra off, so you need to befriend the cowgirl first to ask her to take off her bra. If the cowgirl has milk in her boobs and the pump is connected to power, it should be able to milk her. I hope this helps

That is very weird, if you’re able to check, does the same savefile do the same thing on a different computer?
Does the problem only prevent you from picking up items with the mouse, or does it also prevent items from interacting with in game things like conveyors, funnels, and hovering hands? Does the problem carry over to interaction with other structures? Does it happen even if you start fresh, or does it take a while to kick in?
That is a very weird glitch, and if it has to do with some coding error, I should fix that.