Gain of Life - A weight gain life simulator [v0.23.1]

I’ll come back to you, when the Wiki is done :smiley: Thanks for the offer!

So I’ve been thinking about the game a lot lately. I’m thinking of creating - with the Wiki - an own website for the game that allows users to log in and link their Patreon Account. Accordingly, Downloads are unlocked and loyal Patrons are rewarded with a virtual currency that can be used to unlock specific DLCs of the game (also, to fight piracy). Also, it might allow me to lower Patreon prices due to being able to sell the game from my own site (will consider that, though it might be a bit complicated legally) and that way preventing Patreon’s horrible platform fees of 8%, additional to currency exchange and payment fees.

However, this would require a registration on the site and linking the Patreon account to that site. That’s, why I’m asking following question:

Would you be okay with registering on a website for the game with an E-Mail and a password?

  • Yes
  • No

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What do you think about the idea?

  • I like it
  • I don’t like it
  • I’m neutral

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I think it’s an interesting idea, but DLC could be sold in the site alongside the base game. Imagine someone finds the game later, and wants to buy everything at the same time

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Will try to find a solution. Since the application for the verification still needs to be developed at some point, the main focus will be on loyal Patrons. Additional features might be added later.

The registration will be voluntary - and especially in the early stage there won’t be a lot to do on that website. Will watch the process carefully and make sure the application is secure and stable before I start using it more. Might as well cancel that side project, after all it’s about entering a completely new field for the game.

Spoiler Alert!

I guess in every adventurer group there is one girl that is overly motivated to discover “new” things. May I introduce Chelsea?


New version of this month will release within the next 24 hours from this message. It’s the busiest time of the year right now. Next month’s version will be on time again :stuck_out_tongue: I am trying to take a look into Daz3d Scripting currently as well, because that would allow me to automate a huge part of my graphics work flow making it easier and faster for me to create new weight stages for characters.


New Version [v0.23.0]

What’s new in comparison to v0.22?

  • College trip: Go on a trip with your college class and visit the temples (not to spoiler more)
    • new side-character: Chelsea (she’ll become super heavy)
    • “inflation” content (drastic weight gain)
  • New weight stage for the main character: This time the new stage is below the starting stage, which means that graphics will from now on also change, if you lose weight from the initial weight stage.
  • New sprites for the language student (4x) and the asian student (4x; she now needs a new pair of jeans :stuck_out_tongue:)
  • New game music (it’s just temporary to get rid of the - after some time - quite annoying theme; will eventually add a different music at some point)


v0.23 - PC/Windows/Linux
v0.23 - Mac
v0.14.3 - Free (Click to go to the first post)


as a preface, I wanted to let you know I love the current free version! sadly, I cant support you on patreon for a month or two, and I was wondering if the free download would increase with the now 9ish main updates since?

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The new version will probably increase after the new system for everything goes online. The next free version will be the first one that uses the new system (with the Patreon version being about 6 months ahead). That will probably be in ~6 to 8 months :thinking:

Right now, I would like to focus on developing the new system. Maybe I change my mind, but for now I will have to disappoint you…sorry…

Starting with today (for the next months) I will have more time. This means larger updates, of course, but mostly it means for me that I can spend more time looking into new technologies and features - also of RenPy.


New System? Like what I’m curious

The new system was mentioned a few posts up.