Gain of Life - A weight gain life simulator [v0.23.1]

I recently started playing the latest version. I love it!

I opted in to get kidnapped at the beginning of the game, but after I got released (around 10 kg fatter :grin:), I noticed two bugs:

  1. The kidnapper stayed in view on the right side, like she followed me home and then to college. She did disappear after I had talked to Jane for a bit (when Jane went away, so did the kidnapper)

  2. The clock in the bottom left bar doesn’t render. I can’t get it back on this save game. Any idea how to resolve? It means I have no idea what time it is unless I go to sleep (because then I am prompted for setting the alarm time, from which I can deduce the current time).

Some suggestions/ideas:
Can you please make the clothes not rip so easily? I’ve been eating well, but it’s not realistic to need to buy clothes every two days.

A more realistic approach would be that clothes become even tighter than “tight” at first, causing discomfort and possibly embarrassment. When they rip, it’s mostly a button that pops.

Another consequence of ripping clothes could be that having no clothes means you can’t go outside to work or to college etc. You have to order clothes online (which costs more and takes at least one day of delivery, causing you to miss school and work)

Also when ordering clothes, give options to buy in different sizes. You could re-use the user interaction engine from the store. The clothes go into your wardrobe so you can stock up with bigger clothes in advance.

Before going out, you should get dressed

It should be possible to choose something from your wardrobe that is loose, normal or tight (but not bigger or smaller because that won’t fit at all)

It would also be awesome if the clothes have real world sizes, so we can know what size she is wearing

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Regarding your two bugs: I feel like I’ve fixed them several times, apparently they are still appearing. Will investigate them again and do more careful testing on that.

The system is quite simple - and kinda hard to change: Cloth sizes are for a range of about 4.0 kg. Clothes become tight if your cloth size is one size smaller than the size your body would require. At a difference of more than one stage, the clothes would rip or fall of. If you take it that way you have been eating enough to gain about 8.0 kg in two days, haha :joy: Will consider it though.

This would require major adjustments in the clothing system. I want to re-invent this system, but right now the time is missing for that. I would probably require a whole month full-time - or longer - to do that.

That’s a feature, I’d love to add and that would come with the refactored clothing system.

Makes sense, will add that for the next version.

That’s an interesting approach I haven’t thought of yet. It would make the game feel more realistic to give these options to the player. I will have to think more about this, if I choose to re-do the clothing system.

Good old clothing window, a lot of work, probably worth it. Will think about that when recreating the clothing.

Follows the philosophy of the game, that’s why I love that idea. Will have to do some research on that. Right now, the current system, would not make sense with real-world sizes, because the current clothing window has way more clothing sizes than there are in real world. But again, this would be a great thing to add for this major update.

There are a lot of great suggestions. I noted them and I will definitely consider them, if I get my hands on the clothing/main character again. Thank you :smiley:

Happy to give suggetions, and I totally understand how big these features are. I’m a developer myself, I know how much work goes in.

Your game is easily the best wg sim I’ve seen so far, and something I’ve been missing for such a long time :relaxed:
Thanks so much for this!

Some more suggestions that would be awesome:

  • Taking measurements (although I know how hard it is to get them right)
  • Food diary/counting calories - I often wondered how many calories I made her eat in a day
  • A weight diary - And if we can export it, imagine all the players being able to show their progress and we can compare them with each other. Or make graphs etc.

Lastly, a question
How does stomach capacity work?
Is it just a function of her weight, or is there stomach stretching after pushing her to “bursting” or something like that?

I think early in the game, she could fit less than 20 donuts in an empty stomach, but now she can eat about 30 :relaxed:

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How do you get jessica and jane to gain a lot of weight quick?

Will there be an opportunity to buy a version of the game not on patreon ?

Yes, that’ll require some research time, but I think it might be worth the time.

Added to my feature list, I like that idea.

That’s a quite nice idea. Will keep it in mind, it might take some time to implement this. Having a graph of her weight would be nice too :thinking:

Yes, when she eats a lot her sprite switches into the “stuffed” stage.

Jessica is a though one, I can recommend giving her extra food at the fast food restaurant and not asking her more than once per 5 days to get food (excluding fast food).

Yes, there will be. I’m looking into several options, including cryptocurrencies and how they might work out legally.

Lastly: The new version of July will be out this weekend on Patreon.

I have encountered a game breaking bug

After the Temple arc, the game crashs at a certain point of the dialogue

I tried it again but the same result occurs

Yes, this bug will be resolved with the new version, which will be out soon (today/tomorrow, depending on your time zone).

v0.24.0 - What’s new?

  • Fixed plenty of annoying bugs, took me quite some time
    • Fixed the bug that broke the game after the college trip
    • Finally fixed the bugs that broke the game after the kidnapping event
  • Added the car dealership
    • There are 3 different types of cars
    • Certain places (like the beach) can only be visited with a car
  • Added the beach (heavily work-in-progress)
  • Added a new weight stage (it’s a very light stage)
  • Added 4 weight stages to the language student at the college


Download 0.24 (PC/Windows/Linux)
Download v0.24.0 (Mac)
Download free (Link to first post)


I Hope You Are Doing Well Keep Up The Hard Work! I Am Excited To See The Next Free Version!~

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same tho! love the game but i’m poor as shit lol.

There will be free versions again, but right now I’m spending too much time on the website that I don’t want to spend even more time on anything non-feature related. Patreon versions of course have a much higher priority to me. Also, a Patreon subscription is only about two Starbucks coffees a month…

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I do have a question about losing weight in the game. I only have the free version so far and it is extremely difficult to lose weight (I know it is a weight gain game, but i wanted to explore the stages were your clothes are loose). Even if you are only eating fruits and water. Is it easier in the newest version or is losing weight only able with the cheat menu?

to loose weight go to the gym and fill up on salad as often as possible and do lots of exercise its slow but consistent

The game consistently is tuned and tweaked in game balance, not sure if this algorithm was changed so far though. Not eating and keeping health up with the clinic might be an expensive, but probably quite quick solution.

i don’t even have the money to go to Starbucks of which there isn’t one in my small town lol

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This month’s version will probably be on time :smiley:

Note: Subscribing at the beginning of the month gives you access the whole month. And you will also get access to new versions as soon as they release :grin:

i don’t know why i cant pay € by paypal
i am sorry that i cant support you now

Super easy to find the save files on windows for Ren’py, can’t seem to find them on Mac? do we have a path for the location of save files?


To access the above path:

  1. Open up a Finder window
  2. Press COMMAND + SHIFT + G
  3. Paste/enter the path (~/Library/RenPy/) into the text field and hit Go. Then navigate to a folder that is somewhat called like high school.

Note: Navigating to this directory through the Finder might not work, because Library is a hidden directory. You can show hidden directories by pressing COMMAND + SHIFT + ..

(I looked these things up on the Internet, I didn’t try them out, let me know if that worked)