Gain of Life - A weight gain life simulator [v0.26.1]

I won’t be able to release today, because it’d be a very dirty release again. I think it’s better to move it to next week’s Sunday and therefor do it in a clean, proper way. I’ll share spoilers during the week on Patreon though - all Patrons will get access as soon as it releases.

I have problem fix this (v0.24.0)

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Noted, thank you for reporting :smiley: :+1:

glad to hear other free versions are planned, i can’t wait!

[v0.25] New Version!

This version includes:

  • new graphics for the beach
  • new scene for going by bus
  • five new characters (passerbies) that can be met during bus drives (they’re quite detailed, there is not much content yet though):
    • Abigail
    • Bella
    • Clara
    • Diego
    • Elsa
  • several bug fixes


v0.25.0 - PC (Linux/Windows)
v0.25.0 - Mac

Free versions (link to first post)


so far this one’s been pretty good but ive been to more than 10 lectures and havent gotten the field trip yet

That seems interesting to me, because I’ve fixed the bug (and verified the fix) already last month. Would you mind explaining what happened exactly? Did you use a save-file from an outdated version?

i started over just picking random lectures maybe i need to empty my temp data?

do i need to trigger any other events to before i can get it?

how do you get fast food and go with jane or jessica?

It should work without any previous events. Also, you should note that you can only trigger the event once. This also includes the cheat button at the very beginning of the game. If you trigger it with that button, it will not trigger again.

There is no way to do that, but you can offer them extra food while working there :wink:

The September version will be late a little bit, but therefore this update will be quite a bit more exciting for most of you, I think :smiley:

To compensate for the delay, here is a small spoiler image :wink:

By subscribing to Patreon at the Silver tier or higher, you will get access to all previous versions of the game - and you will also receive access to the new September version as soon as it releases. Without my Patrons this game would not be possible in the way it is, because the 3d rendered graphics are quite expensive to buy and my fellow Patrons help me financing these assets with their pledges. This project means quite a lot to me, that’s why I appreciate the support of these people a lot. THANK YOU!

The previously announced platform will require a lot more time, I have underestimated the effort for it. That’s why I’ve decided to focus more on the actual game development again to be able to release bigger new versions again from now on. After all, the game is the core of everything. I will continue working on the platform in the background in a slower, but steady pace.

So every time I try to launch the game via joiplay I get this error. Any ideas on how to fix it? I just looked through the thread and it seems I’m not the only one with this issue.

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Will there be more free versions? Because I really like this project and can’t wait to see more, but sadly I can’t support you on Patrion.

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Yes, there will be. Unluckily, I cannot tell you a date.

I will take a look into this error and try to fix it within the new version.

The new version for this month will release tomorrow. It’ll include the first options to start a political career.

New Version [v0.26.0]

This version finally includes many long-promised features, including the politician career. It was part of the reason, why I initially decided to start this project - and it’ll be the start of the dictatorship story. This story was in my post on weightgaming since the very beginning, without it actually being part of the game. Before, it didn’t make sense, because it would have been a pain to go through college, if there wasn’t any other content. But for now, there is quite a lot to explore and things to do, while going to college, which should make that part quite interesting already too. :partying_face:

What is new in v0.26?

  • Finish college :tada:
  • Finishing college will trigger the new politician story (you can use a cheat option at the beginning of the game to speed up this process, to get to the new features quicker)
  • Meet Max, the secretary of the ‘Facility of ordinary diplomacy’ - or short: FOOD
  • Start at FOOD as a trainee and work yourself up
  • New graphics for the car dealership
  • New graphics for going shopping in town


Newest [v0.26.0] - PC (Windows + Linux)
Newest [v0.26.0] - Mac
Free [v0.14.3] - PC (Windows + Linux)
Free [v0.14.3] - Mac


I’m pretty sure there’s a bug in the jane-story script that’s preventing the relationship points from being added as they are supposed to.

If you start a game without selecting to skip to the new content at the beginning and go through Jane’s path, choosing the options meant to improve your relationship with her (getting her favourite food and treating her to chocolate) cause the following line to be executed: $ player.rm.relationship("jane")

The line lacks anything to change the integer value of the relationship variable. It should be: $ player.rm.relationship("jane", +1), similar to how the negative relation options cause the game to execute $ player.rm.relationship("jane", -1).

This bug prevents the relationship with Jane from forming as it should and causes some lines to be missed.

can you get the projects your working on when theyre done?

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what level of patreon do you need to get assess to the new version of game?

@Aunk999 Silver- or a higher tier is required to get access to the newest versions. PS: If you subscribe today, you’ll get the biggest benefit, because you’ll get access until October 31st and will be charged again on November 1st, no matter when you subscribe in October.