Gain of Life: A weight gain life simulator [v0.39.1]

I’m glad you like it :smile: Most of Jane’s events are bound to college and time. They unlock after time and are triggered by going to college (or going to college late). Her story is unfinished and might end early, if you choose the wrong options (I’m sure you can figure what the “wrong” options are).

The last event of Jane can only be played when specifically deciding to do so at the beginning of the game. If you’ve finished her story, you can start a new game just to play the last event.

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The free version of this game was upgraded from v0.14.3 to v0.20.0 (which is half a year of content added to the free version :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

You can find the download links in the main post.

The most recent version of the game can be found on Patreon.


Thank you. Also FYI the windows release includes .sh file which launches just fine under Linux. No special bits and bobs to make it work

Good point, thanks for noting. I’ve added it to the main description to clarify :+1:

Playing latest version, as a patron

Is there a way to avoid this kidnap event? Its not fun for me, the games are either boring, broken, or unfair, I died despite having enough money, and its not even my fetish man :frowning:

I don’t wanna deal with this crap but I need to buy a bus pass and get a job

EDIT: This time i was able to avoid it idk, I apologize for my comment being a bit overly harsh - heat of the moment frustration

EDIT EDIT: Nope It happened unavoidably a bit later


Can the witch’s house appear more than once?

I would really like more witch content. One mechanic I can think of is if the witch could curse your character somehow, e.g. make you steadily gain weight over a few days, or make the food you eat contain double calories, etc. No idea whether that’s realistic.

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hello everyone, is it possible to start functioning in the free version with the police, and how to make Jessica gain weight?

When will v0.28.0 release for free

I understand that this is annoying…it’s a nasty bug I’ve tried to fix multiple times. Sometimes Ren’Py just deletes variables out of nowhere, which makes it even harder to figure out. I’ve tried fixing it in a different way. My internet is very slow today, but while writing the post I’m uploading v0.28.1 which is supposed to contain a fix for this issue. I’ve tested it out myself and it seems to be working for me. Please let me know, if v0.28.1 resolved your issue.

I’ll post an update here on the forum once my upload is ready…

Unluckily, the witch only appears once.

Did you know that your character slowly gets hungrier and greedier when staying at the dark manor? :wink: I’ll consider adding that :thumbsup:

This will take some time, probably around a year. I just want to make sure that it is worth it subscribing to Patreon. After all, Patrons are the reason why I can afford to create the game (e.g. high-definition 3d assets are quite expensive, they can be very price).


I’ve uploaded v0.28.1 for Windows and Mac. You can find the updated links in the original posts on Patreon.

Please let me know, if the kidnapping event keeps triggering after having it played for the first time. I’ve fixed the issue.

will check out ASAP and let you know if anything comes up

Ok time all the time you need :raised_hands::heart_hands::pray:

So, been playing the newest version. Here are my thoughts:

  • Still unavoidable to get kidnapped, there’s no reliable way to prevent it. It’s not very fun, breaks the realism and immersion, skips a ton of weight progress very easily, and genuinely stressed me out lol, as well as tanking my sleep and money. Please make it optional or just remove it entirely :frowning:
  • Exams seem bugged, it says I fail the language even when I pass
  • Money is just impossible to hold onto, the 100k for free is not cheating, its necessary to survive with how expensive everything in life is, in addition to getting kidnapped, eating at college, gadgets and other junk, and the ever-present threat of “pay 100 now or pay 300 later”.
  • And yet, the game feels rather hollow with infinite money, I think the weight gain shake’s existence hurts the game, similar to the witch, kidnapper, etc., it lets you gain way faster than a “real” person’s weight gain - so I ran out of content quickly.

We are talking about v0.28.1 (Windows), right? Have you started a new game since v0.28.0? I did some experimenting in v0.28.1 on my own and I was only kidnapped once :thinking:

Same question applies here: Are we talking about v0.28.1? Noted, I’ll look into it.

I see that you are unhappy with how the game is balanced. I’ll take a look into these topics specifically and try to improve. It’s hard to tell what causes your bad experience, because the game can be played in many different ways.

Thank you for your feedback, I do appreciate it. That way I can try to improve.

Hello! Yes I was on a new save in 28.1. I was only kidnapped once, but I just wanted the option to avoid it altogether, since it made me gain up 2 stages before my first day of class, which I feel hurts the pacing for me, and since I don’t enjoy the kidnapping personally.

And yes my comments were generally on the pacing and balance, it feels like you’re either bound to play the game for 4 in-game years, reaching less than half the max weight after finishing your fourth exam after genuine days of real life clicking, or you hit the max weight after your 2nd exam if you’re having infinite money lol. This especially hurts as, I’m supposed to go to many, many more classes to pass my third exam, but ive stopped changing models, as far as I can tell, and Jane has stopped talking.

Ohh, okay, I see your issue now. I will add options to completely hide specific content inside the game.

Also, regarding the game balance, I will try to think of a solution. The issue we have is that there is no way of making money in a proper way right now. Maybe jobs should pay a little more as well. I’ll try to figure this out :+1:

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Thank you and good luck!

It would be nice to not have to save scum to avoid getting kidnapped as i cant seem to get free


That issue will be addressed in the new version. There will be an option to completely hide that content.

Since Patreon charges each month on the 1st, you get the biggest benefit for joining early each month. Also you’ll get access to the Dezember version as soon as it releases.

Link to Patreon

BTW if you dont want to get kidnapped since its renpy just roll back a couple scenes and go into town an hour later thats how i avoid it

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