Gain Station 13 - A Space Station 13 server about lots of fatties

Welcome to Gain Station 13, a Hyper Station 13 branch that focuses on weight gain and other belly-related kinks!

Why should I join the server?

Gain Station 13 (GS13) is one of the first Space Station 13 servers that involve the kink, right now we currently have about 230+ members in our discord server, where we chat and publish content about the server.

Are there any fat sprites yet?

Yes, we currently do! After about a year of procrastination mostly because of how we are unexperienced with BYOND’s code and had different people come and go regarding the coding of the mechanics/display of the fat sprites.

{ This is what we have done to this point regarding them. }

Pic 1

Local fat ass ordering a burger.

Pic 2
A belly full of cake! Thankfully Mealdor (the vending machine) has already helped her satisfy her hunger!

screen 3
Too much cake… that she had to rest on a comfy chair!

That is what we have on the platter for now in this post.

This whole thing seems cool, how do I join?!

We currently have a discord server where you can check out the server IP and the current status of the server, I will be leaving the link to the server here.


I just hope that you guys would gladly enjoy staying with us, Metha out!


There was a spacestation 13 using whatever Hyperstation is a while ago, I don’t know if it’s still up and running because nobody talks about it.

What was the name of the server called? If you are talking about GS13 then that’s mine.

I wish I knew what SS13/Hyperstation13 or BYOND are.


If I may recommend some Youtube video reviews?

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This looks pretty interesting, I’ll need to look into when I am able

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Forget the fattening items, imagine what fattening catastrophes could be like. (dont actually forget them, I am just suggesting more stuff)

Slime that does not dissolve bodies, but adds to them
White holes, that for some reason produce donuts that eventually form into donut-golems that feed themselves to you
Traitor task: implement addictive vending machines to incapacitate security
Aliens, which have a tournament about which one can fatten a human the most, with them trying multiple times on different people to get the method just right
A gene, that lowers calorie use by 99% but also increases hunger
Changelings, that absorb people instead of ripping them apart, modeseven style


Wouldn’t mind seeing this come back around

It is, though for my current situation I can’t really keep the server online 24/7
So I’ll usually host when people want to and when we have a weekly event that holds on Saturdays.


I am proud to announce that the SS13 server, GS13 will now be open 24/7.
so be in many to join and celebrate such an achievement.


Hmmm, may need to take a peak at this

Ah finally posting again on this place.

i would try joining in on this but for some reason the forum wont let me make an account, sucks
something about proxies but im just using opera gx, chrome doesnt work either

i played on this server for a while (2 weeks) and the community has been nothing but welcoming to me, the server rules are pretty average and the RP and gameplay is pretty good! go on and give it a try, you wont be disappointed


its been quite a while now, the server is great and we get updates from time to time too. problem is, we need people playing it. we do have players, yeah, but our highest pop was like, 15 people on an event, while normally the pop is around 3-6 people so, basically, come on and play it with us. i can teach you how to play if you need me, so can other people over there. theres no need to be shy, we’re all into the same stuff, plus, you dont necessarily need to blow your kinks up on someone, we can all just have a friendly conversation about how a solar panel is better than a portable generator or how weird it is that everyone on the station is super fat.


Portable generators are great–for running the emitters until the supermatter is online

agreed, however solar panels can power the entire station AND the emitters at the same time

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Gotta say, I joined out of curiosity not expecting a lot, but the server is actually very cool, people are very welcoming and in the discord server it has step by step on how to install the game and what to do required to join the game.
Once inside the game, the character customization offers quite a lot for you to choose from, gameplay wise it’s something that I think you should try to experience yourself.
Game is somewhat difficult to learn as there is so much to do, but you catch up to it very quickly, hopefully more people see this post like I did after JonyPotato made his post and decide to join.


I am glad you like the server, hopefully the tutorial was clear for you to understand.


about the fat sprites are there stages too them?