Gain Station 13 - A Space Station 13 server about lots of fatties

Not visual ones that change in round, you will have to change those in character customization

After a year-long break, I returned to the server to try and get immersed into the game and implemented mechanics more. Having a massive blast so far, the community is friendly and eager to teach or help. It’s easy to get invested and immersed into the roleplay (although boring / slow moments pop up pretty often which is understandable on a small server). The fetish mechanics still need work of course, but at the current stage they really help with immersion or roleplay. Really really great time so far, binged like 8 hours straight in the game yesterday.

SS13 with its steep learning curve isn’t for everyone, but I think this is genuinely a great place to start, even if you aren’t looking just for fetish.

I cannot begin to describe the amount of things you can actually do in this game, like seriously, the only thing bigger then the average person working on the station is the sheer MAGNITUDE of things you can do in game. I’ll tell a story here that should illustrate just how crazy things can get in space station 13.

One round, I was playing as the Research Director (basically the guy who runs the science department) and I was planning to pull a prank on the Captain (who was being a meanie to everyone, especially me that shift). It would have gone off without a hitch, but a Rookie (trainee security officer) tattled on me to the Captain, who promptly arrested me for conspiring against him.

After making amends with the Captain, I set out to get my revenge on the Rookie who wronged me, so what I did was I called him over to help with “An experiment” and told him I managed to synthesise a special gas called “pluoxium” which delivers 8 times as much oxygen to the bloodstream when compared to good old oxygen. And I asked him to breathe it in for me, because I was a plasmaman, and I could only safely breathe a special gas called plasma, and oxygen would set me on fire. Thus, I handed the Rookie a tank of the “pluoxium” and told him to put it in his pocket, and turn it on.

Unluckily for the Rookie, what the tank actually contained was a roughly 80/20 mix of nitrous oxide (sleeping gas) and oxygen. The nitrous oxide quickly put him to sleep whilst the oxygen allowed him to breathe it in safely.

I then took his body to robotics, where I had set up a room filled with more nitrous oxide. I then proceeded to surgically remove all of his organs and limbs, replace them with robotic counterparts, and add in a few special augments for good measure.

Midway through the operation, I was called to medbay by the AI to revive the Captain because he had drunken so much rum that it outright killed him, and there were no doctors on board. So I had to pause my little prank to revive the Captain from death, which was strange, because he was a skeleton.

After finishing up with the Captain and the Rookie, I dumped the Rookie outside of science, told him that “Snitches get stitches” and left him to do whatever he wanted with his new cybernetic body.

The only form of repercussion I got was a quick “What the fuck” from some of the other crew. The captain did not try to stop my little prank because he actually gave his full support for it when I asked if I could do it, because he thought it was funny.

TL:DR. This game will provide hours upon hours of joy for you. The roleplay can be amazing at times, the game itself is a masterpiece, and the possibilities are endless once you get over it’s steep learning curve.

i was that captain and i have only one thing to say: RATTLE ME BONESSSSS!

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hi, pisser, local fat text game maker
server has the seal of approval from local fat text game maker (me) and probably helped my fat text game making skills in the writing department at the very least, go play it