Gain & Weigh (1.0.0)

Hi!! I decide to jump straight into Godot and learning programming and game dev only a week ago (When this topic was first made), and with what little I’ve already learned, I made this quick little game!!


A fun little spin on the Game & Watch game “Chef”. You must juggle food with your frying pan, and when it’s cooked just right, let it fall down right into your gullet for extra points (and gains)!!


A/D, or Left/Right keys

Flip Character:
Spacebar (W/S and up/down keys also work)

Escape key

You can download and play the latest version of the game for both Linux and Windows here, or even just play it in your browser!

Although it’s probably not necessary anymore, I’ll keep the google drive link around so people can still download from there, whether it’s the latest version or an older one


Cute little game! I got up to 400 before the hitboxes became too confusing to work with and promptly lost all my lives, but I enjoyed my time. Bouncing two foods (potatoes I guess?) at once at higher weights was a fun quirk, but once I got up to the 400 mark I had to be 1 space behind where I thought I was as the food would just pass through the body instead of bouncing. Coupled with the food bouncing much higher at that stage and my lives were forfeit haha.

There’s a minor exploit where you can just sit in either corner and have all of the food thrown at you, but I think it’s slower than just playing normally so not much to worry about. The controls should be listed though, either in game or in the top post. Other than that, a great first game to kick things off, good job!


I like the part where you get so big that the sausages just go into your mouth without moving. The character sprite is cute


It’s a cute little time sink. I just wish there’s a way to pause it, haha.


First of all congrats, if you started learning now and already did this cute little game. Sometimes small and sweet is good and i enjoyed it a lot. I pushed myself to around 450 and after that got so big the food was always hitting me even without moving, got to 500 and the food kept coming until i couldnt see the score since it was only a black blob filling the entire screen. Might not have been your original plan but i enjoyed it immensily for that.

Spoilers below of reaching 500:


Love the game, the changing hitbox was fun and I kept thinking “oh yeah, this is probably the last stage” before getting the cherry on top that was the continuous growth at the end. Very impressive for a first game!


The sprites are adorable, and the gameplay’s simple but enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to whatever you have in store for the future. (I love the apron slowly getting pushed up by the expanding belly too, gotta be one of my favorite tropes)


Thanks!! Yeah, the gimmick towards the last bit was just a super quick and dirty solution to make the later game a little more interesting and progressively harder, it was just a second thought and I really didn’t put much effort into it. If I ever tweak or remake this game in the future, that’s definitely something that’s gonna need a lot of work.


Thank you! Haha yeah, definitely some unexpected little side effects for growing so large, thankfully it seems to add to the experience more than take away from it. >w>

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Thanks, glad you liked it, it makes me so happy hearing that from you!! ^w^ Yeah that was kind of the idea, I wanted to signal to the player when they went through all the WG stages and there’s no more left, but still give them some other fun growth shenanigans if they wanted to keep going.

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Thank you, hopefully whatever it is I work on next turns out well too. Funny enough, at first, towards the last few WG stages, the apron actually shredded off and he wasn’t wearing it towards the end. I didn’t end up liking it though, so I went back and drew the apron back on, I’m very glad I did that now. >w>


Idk why but when downloading this google alerted me it might be unsafe
then after I ignored it, thinking it might be a false positive, it just said I need a better graphic card. something about Vulkan.

A fantastic, fun lil’ game and an impressive first effort! A fan of the GW series myself, it’s nice to see this genre of game adapted to our specialised interests!

Honestly, a small game like this can be refreshing - though they have their own merits, not every game needs to be some epic RPG or painstaking life sim. Less is sometimes more!


Very cute game! Was a pleasant surprise seeing just how big you could get


That’s really odd, are you using linux? The first thing that comes to mind when hearing Vulkan and GPU is Vulkan Shaders, but I wouldn’t think that’d matter.

What I find really weird is that the laptop I both played and made the game on doesn’t even have a Graphics card, and everything seems to work for me just fine.

Thank you!! Yeah I played a few of the Game&Watch Gallery games as a kid and really enjoyed it, thought it’d be fun to make a WG version of it.

Yeah, I wanted to start with something small and simple so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed right away. I honestly even worried about the game going on for too long for the reason, I wanted to keep it short and sweet, and give the player a good time even with what little I have to offer currently.

I’m on Windows 10, I checked again to see if I had downloaded the wrong version. It’s not the first time lol. but no It’s the Windows version. here is what shows up when I try to open the game:


I tried opening the console thing too, and gave the same thing.

Oh ok, interesting. So I looked into it and I think it’s because I had the renderer set to the highest option and never changed it. I set it on the lowest option and noticed it actually says right there that this renderer uses OpenGL3.

I exported the project, so here’s the download for the lightweight version. Hopefully it works, but if not I’m not really sure how else to fix this.


I should’ve probably set it to the lowest renderer in the first place, since this game isn’t very demanding, so that’s my bad.

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No more artisanally-rendered sausages. :pensive: