Gamejam cooperative project

Well here is little hold me here, who is really hyped out for the game jam.
But i feel like coding is dragging me down since i just love drawing. So to a soul who know how to code but not how to draw i would propose a little contract.

Cue Hat in time music :- YouTube

I draw the assets required for the game in the appropriate style required, may it be:

hand drawn

Digital soft SusieKPR0

or pixel from what i 'm more confident about animating if we got extra time 1Walk%20preview
in return you become the main programmer. I can help with the programming part if we work on gamemaker or on rpgmaker ace since i got those, but i can’t really learn new programs.
Any line of code we need will be under your jurydiction mainly has much has art will be mine.

I hope one soul here get to join efforts with me for the gamejam.

Have a lovely day!