Games Similar to Turris Puesco?

Hey y’all,

I’ve been lurking on WeightGaming for quite a while. One of my favorite games before it got discontinued was Turris Puesco. The way the game was designed, from the combat to the gaming mechanics really appealed to me. When it got discontinued I was heartbroken, but that is life. I was wondering if anyone knew of any similar games to Turris Puesco, or if anyone has had any success with making it work using the WayBack machine.


I was a few years late to see what that one was like, what was special about it?

The combat mechanisms, as well as the weight gain system was really well designed. The dungeon exploring was fun, and each encounter would work differently depending on what your weight was. IT was a very dynamic game with a lot of potential.

are there any videos or pictures of it that you know of, It would be interesting to see it myself but my search results were fruitless…

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Not to my knowledge, it was, as with all fetish games, very niche. There might be a couple of old threads about it. It was text-based for the most part, but the writing was very descriptive. Some great examples of the game using weight gain as part of the gameplay are: there would be a small passage at the end, depending on your weight value, you could get it, or you wouldn’t be able to, etc etc. It was a fantastic game, real shame that the creator closed the site down.

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