Alright, here’s the actual project page so I can update and hopefully fix everything~

Game Summary and Screenshots

You are playing as a Gladiatrix, fighting for money in the arena. You can talk with all NPC’s and challenge them to battle. Some might even have unique dialog options available depending on certain conditions~

And of course Weight Gain is involved as well. You Energy signifies your current Weight in Levels, so having 100 Energy would equal a Weight Level of 1. Currently it goes up to 10, with appropriate Sprites.

There is also a Vendor to buy food from, in case you find the combat at the start to difficult. (Btw. all starting enemies are beatable without that, though afterwards you might want to increase your Energy, as that significantly increases you stats.)

As you can see, to get the respective Options for Dialog there are now three Icons in the corner.

  • Auto: Plays the next dialog line after about 1.5 seconds
  • Skip: Immediately displays all text
  • Options: Opens small window to set the text speed

Using Auto and Skip will be effectively like the traditional skip option in VNs, fast-forwarding trough all dialog, until it ends or an option appears.

The game is made in Unreal Engine and runs on Windows. Have fun playing~

Updated Download ( 8.1 - (14.08.2019 - 23:10 CEST)):


Update 1:
Fixed the crash on clicking an empty field
Fixed something else breaking in battle
Fixed being able to switch positions with your enemy

Added the Skip Setting to Dialog. You can now press ‘Spacebar’ while in the Dialog window to have all text appear instantaneous.

Update 2:
Fixed one Map Collider missing allowing NPC’s to escape
Fixed NPC’s values not getting saved correctly

Enemies can now use items.
One NPC now has a different colour and hairstyle.

NPC’s now get more EXP out of Battle and higher stat returns

Update 3:
Added an Option to toggle all Torches off (and make the area brighter) in case the game runs to slow on some machines.

Update 4:
Hopefully fixed some stuff concerning Dialogue.

Update 5:
Added Dialogue controls
Added another Character sprite set

Update 6 (12.08.2019 - 19:30):
Fixed some more error in the dialogue system
Fixed events not being initialised after dialogue ended
Fixed Battle-Sprites sometimes not facing the correct way or scaling wrong
Fixed getting stuck in dialogue
Fixed certain dialogue options linking to the wrong continuation
Fixed Speed getting stuck at negative values
Fixed enemies scaling incorrectly. They will now be stronger overall at higher levels
Fixed Battle-Pop-Up-Text not appearing correctly
Fixed some dialogue options to be unavailable due me forgetting to update the conditions correctly -.-

Base-lighting is now 1.5 times brighter
Added Window-Lights in the central area to increase brightness and provide neutral lighting
Added Signboard to badly give directions
Interact with beds to regenerate health, hunger and mana, as well as reducing energy slightly
Changed the area layout slightly (slightly smaller walkway towards the left)

Update 7 (13.08.2019 - 16:40 CEST)
Fixed one area having misplaced colliders

Added difficulty options, Easy, Normal and Hard (The old one would be hard)
Settings are now getting saved into your save files
Improved Scene lighting in setting “Without torches”

Version 8 - (14.08.2019 - 11:20 CEST)
Fixed enemy experience scaling error
Fixed sphere-colliders bumping you below the map
Fixed auto-mode ignoring some settings
Fixed NPC’s not correctly receiving the player reference

Version 8.1 - (14.08.2019 - 23:10 CEST)
Fixed game getting caught in a loop while updating enemy level


Thank you overall, but especially for this!

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Will there eventually be a difficulty option? I try to eat and be full to have better stats but all of the enemies beat me senseless with 3 attacks.

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i’m going to implement that today, though I can’t give you any time on when it’s done.

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As of now, is there any way that MP or skills can be used/unlocked or you’re planning to add this feature in a future update?

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That hasn’t been implemented yet, sorry. It’s planned though, and pretty much second from top on the current list.

I did but in a difficulty selection though.


So I tested in version 7 and managed to get a version of the bug to show up again.

I’m not 100% sure what causes it but it seems to be related to if one character occupies a position above another at some point.

I also managed the original bug where your character goes invisible.

The variant one I also managed to make one of the other characters vanish.

Ths is what it’s like standing far from a character

When you move closer you get this.

You also can’t use interact when the bug occurs. Moving away zoomes it back out but stepping closer again seems to zoom it in or show the weird bug screen.

Also I appreciate the difficulty option but I still think the scaling is a bit off as if you keep fighting the same opponent enough times will scale them up well past you even with you winning all the previous matches against them.

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Thank you so much for this feedback!

I’m really sorry any of this happened.

The zoom-Bug should be fixed now, it must have occurred because the respective sphere-colliders pushed each other away from the correct plane. I’ve build in a check in both movement functions to always make sure all characters are positioned correctly. (It zooms in because the camera is attached to the player in a specific way to account for walls in 3D, and kept in to detect specific errors like this, I’m really sorry about that!)

Scaling should be fixed now as well, I accidentally forgot to remove a += in the code, resulting in the current player experience to be added to the enemies current one, instead of it being set.


Hmm, at this point, I feel that you’re tired of patching your game over and over again, but I simply ran into a bug just as I started playing the game. For some reason or another, the game simply freezes up on the battle screen whenever I win and advance from level 1 to 2. Just stops dead in its track.

If it helps at all, I played it at normal difficulty, with torches disabled.

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I’m so sorry this happened! It should be fixed now.

And while I would love nothing more to fully concentrate on working on new content for this game, I want the game to work even more, so I am really thankful towards you all for reporting these bugs and for having patience.

Thanks so much!


Hmm, my dude, I don’t know what happened this time around, but you might have put up an incomplete zip archive, 'cause whenever I open it, it suddenly blasts an error window saying something about an “unexpected end of archive”. Since I also noticed that the file size of this current link is smaller than the usual builds (33 MB compared to something like 90 MB?), I think there are a few things missing.

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I’m really sorry about that! It’s fixed now. I think something went wrong during the copying process.


Don’t worry lol.

Bugs happen, I don’t think anyone is expecting something bug free. Even without this having been something you made for a Game Jam.


The link isn’t working


Hey the link isn’t working

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I doubt it’s gonna get updated

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can someone pls post a new download link?

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We need tell kitsune make new link

i mean, SOMEONE has to have a copy of it downloaded. and im pretty sure reuploads from different people for dead links isnt against the rules.

I dunno about all that or whatever, but here’s the game: