good time

(this text is written with Yandex translator).
for the beginning of the Preface.

a week or two ago, I thought that I did not see creativity (drawing) at all, about creatures with playing dice instead of a head (if this has a specific name, write).

I looked around a bit, wondering if I’d seen anything (I’ve seen a lot of authors, but I might have been inattentive), and I thought, if it’s not there or very little, why not start?

now to the point, my creativity is drawn in pencil (perhaps it will remain so), and leaves much to be desired, but at least now there is, I chose the most satisfying.

these two drew from their cubes (I have a small collection), (I’m not a master to give names, so their account page) in the hands is darkness (as if you tied Nazca, but they are not hollow inside), that’s all, maybe…

PS in the game OneShot there is a character George, he has a playing cube instead of a head (it belongs to the race of people-objects, but I have a race of playing cubes).

ps. in the game SHOES (Super Fatty Office Admin Sim) (I did not play it (there is no money, unfortunately)), you can choose a head in the form of a playing cube.


Welcome to the forums.

Welcome! Happy to have you here with us!

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Wait, is George a girl’s name too?

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in the wiki it was written that Yes

Thats pretty weird, I’ve never heard that one before

I tried to redraw the previous drawings, and I liked the result, and I hope you will be pleased.

with the last drawing, I still hurried, (it was like in the last drawing should come out nice and crazy, but here it is a little sorry…).